Coconut Bay Refutes Receivership Claim

PRESS RELEASE – IT has been brought to our attention that the Member for Castries South, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, during his contribution to the 2017–2018 budget debate incorrectly included Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa in a list of properties he stated were in receivership as of 2011.

Owner Gary “Butch” Hendrickson, CEO Mark Adams and the management of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa state categorically that this statement is incorrect and runs counter to the historical success of the hotel.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa since its establishment in June 2005 has never been in receivership and quite the contrary has contributed significantly to the economy being by far the largest employer in the south.

Coconut Bay is proud of its legacy as a major player in the local tourism sector. It is the belief of the owner, CEO and management that the honourable member of Parliament erred in his assertion that Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa was in receivership during the year 2011. We, therefore, call on Dr.Hilaire to correct his statement and look forward to the necessary clarification.

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