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Unbecoming Behaviour

Hilaire [Photo: Stan Bishop]

It is obvious that the SLP have not fully accepted their defeat at the polls based on their formidable campaigning machinery. On the other hand, how far are opposition members ready to go in addressing their frustration? Dr Ernest Hilaire, an individual who is considered an academic by all intent and purposes, has promised to recall all CIP passports issued by the present administration if and when his party returns to office.

St. Lucia’s economy is in shambles for whatever reason, unemployment remains at an all-time high; borrowings are at their limit and hundreds of school-leavers are rudderless. Every investment brought to the forefront by this administration has been challenged by a party of obstructionists to satisfy their selfish needs. The recent comments from Dr. Ernest Hilaire are likely to match similar comments made by our former Prime Minister in regard to discouraging investors to our shores during the Stephenson King administration.

This behaviour is unbecoming and all St. Lucians must take note of these comments to ensure that the likes of Dr. Ernest Hilaire face an unprecedented political backlash for such ridiculous and unnecessary remarks. Ernest Hilaire won the Castries South constituency by the skin of his, teeth despite the full weight of the SLP machinery. Yet these reasons have not resonated with him. His performance in the United Kingdom was not only dismal but his foreign policies left much to be desired.

Oswald Augustin.


  1. Only a die hard UWP supporter would take such a position Mr Augustin. It is obivious that the SLP have problems with CIP (rightly or wrongly) as re-framed by the your party. If it believes it can defend ts position render them that right. It has nothing to do with feeling sore about being thrown out of office. Common man I expected better from you.

    Up to now every independent minded person seem to be in agreement that if your man was cleaver he could have gone over that hurdle with ease. Instead he made a meal of it as usual. The fact is SLP followed the protocols rules and regulations to the letter. Chastanet on the other hand, along with the speaker broke every law every norm and abused their powers. And to add insult to injury they (UWP) proceeded to nominate members on the opposition bench for the post of deputy speaker. That is making a mockery of the house. You already had a deputy speaker. She resigned to take up a ministerial position and UWP want to bully the opposition to fill that position by someone from within its ranks.

    People are getting sick and tired of Chastanet’s bullying tactics. Just like the school yard don’t belong to the school bully you don’t own St. Lucia. The quicker you get this boardroom mentality from your head the better it be for your own good. In the meantime Chastanet you have to go!

  2. Dale
    Cut the bull…..Hilaire and the clowns implemented the CIP to accommodate the likes of the CIP project. Fate had it, the clowns got kicked out of office. And now guess who’s talking, the same man that took moo moo piles. Chastanet is going no where, get that into your shitty head.

  3. Ok forget about party but can anyone tell me what point Mr. Augustin is getting at? Sir the speaker and the prime minister made a fool out of our constitution. And that is that. Now to address you Mr. Augustin, the Chinese are getting passport”s I hope you can use your influence to get my friend from Fond Assau his passport back, because the UWP took it from him and others after the Libya debacle. Sir do you remember what, when, and who, you was them? well,well,well!!!!!!

  4. ….here is a thought to this pie-hole dale Jacobs: what if the deputy speaker had died?……get off the trough mentality!!

    1. Ask those making a mockery of our parliamentary processes that question samj! And while are at it answer that one as well: if the speaker has an emergency making her unavailable to preside over a sitting(s) of the house what happens to the business of the country? The deputy has always been from the ranks if the ruling party. Why break with tradition? Why appoint one only to accept her resignation soon after and give her a ministerial posting and then ask the opposition to fill the position she just vacated. Bullying tactics that mate! Unacceptable! The bully have to go!

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