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SLP Press Release: Government Denies Parliamentary Debate on CIP

A motion to negative changes to the Citizenship by Investment Programme tabled by the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party for debate was removed from the Order Paper on Tuesday, April 4th 2017, leading to the SLP Parliamentarians staging a walk-out.

The SLP expresses its disappointment that minutes before the commencement of Parliament, the motion was removed from the Order Paper on the instruction of the Prime Minister.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party explains that when the Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire. sought to ask for further clarification on the process by which the Motion will be debated given that this is the last sitting of Parliament for the Parliamentary year. The Speaker of the House denied any discussion.

The SLP believes that the government simply does not wish any debate on the Citizenship by Investment Programme and has refused to provide any information on the CIP as required by law.

The SLP believes that this latest move by the government is testimony to the vindictiveness and undemocratic nature of the UWP government and its desire to stifle free speech.

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