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Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

IN my article last week, I wrongly named one of the panelists in a discussion on Constitutional Reform aired on the National Television Network. I honestly thank the reader who brought this to my attention with his/her comment on The VOICE’s website. I am encouraged that people still read and do some fact-checking. I only wished that was in the majority.

On another article, “The Spirit of Saint Lucia”, Leslie comments: “I am badly surprised to see persons with no special achievements speak on such great topics.” I am really not sure if this is a criticism or a compliment. Life is a mixed bag.

For several years, I have been writing about the flaws of our electoral and governmental systems but I have no PhD. For several years, I have been speaking of a separation of the executive and legislative powers but I guess I am no Earl Huntley.

The trueness of what I speak, if it has to be assessed by how educated I am or how much wealth or power I have, will forever come up short.

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There is absolutely no need for Constitutional Reform for this to happen. It all begins by electing the right persons into office. Of course, the right persons have to present themselves and the electorate has to be able to recognize them.

There is no perfect system and the system which I propose, the Independent Model, will become corrupt over time but it will be for the people of that time to recognize the flaws and have the fortitude and aptitude to bring about the needed change. In the meantime, I will remain the child born in the manger until my day of glorification comes.

That we are no longer subjects of the Queen of England, well that will need Constitutional Amendment. That in days of enlightenment we continue to pay allegiance to the British monarchy is beyond me. That a people are not able to wake up and demand that change can only mean that we are still in the clutches of slavery.

Our regional institutions — and I speak here moreso of the University of the West Indies — have not produced the minds that will liberate us, so then again I have to question myself, “Does he/she/they have to come from there?”

Our people need new leaders. Will they come from our democratic system? I do not know but wherever they come from we need them like a regrowth of hair on the head of Samson.


  1. Kensley,
    When do you think you shall experience a feeling of total futility for your “work”, articles, opinions and for your failed life?

    1. Another Peter : Quite classy and helpful of you to ask such a question of a fellow St.Lucian trying to help others whilst respectfully sharing his opinion.

      Perchance, could you answer my question to you? Have you heard of the phrase ‘crabs in a barrel’?
      I hear it quite often in St.Lucia but seeing it in real time is another story.
      Some suggest it is an act of self-loathing but..I’m not well-versed in that subject. I thought you might do a better job of describing it. You have some free time, surely. After all, you decided to click on this article and write a comment that added to this discussion…

      Mr.Charlemagne : I enjoyed your article. I was not aware of your writing nor was I interested in reading articles on this site before but after reading the humility with which you addressed a perceived error, I was impressed. There is a quality in you that not many today possess nor display. I just might return to this site more often to read more of your work and see what other thinking St.Lucians have to offer.

      A life well-lived is reflected in how well one treats others.

      1. Thank you Another One. Very encouraging. I sure do hope you return. My column appears every Thursday.

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