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CDP Changes Focus

THE Constituency Development Programme (CDP) will be moving in a new direction, one that would create long-lasting jobs for people instead of the short-term employment it is currently engaged in.

Image of Economic Development and Urban Renewal Minister, Guy Joseph
Economic Development and Urban Renewal Minister, Guy Joseph

“The reality is there is an over emphasis on CDP and the perception that CDP can solve all the problems of the country,” Economic Development and Urban Renewal Minister, Guy Joseph, said.

According to the Minister, over the years CDP funds have focused too much on drainage projects, the construction of walls and concrete roads.

“What you are doing is improving the environment of poor people but you have not changed the status of those people in terms of them being able to improve their livelihood, Joseph said.

According to him, the “little jobs” people want out of the CDP last three to six months or even less therefore, it would be better if the funds from the programme are used to train people in skills that will earn them life-long jobs.

“If we continue to use CDP as is, we are not going to see the returns we are looking for in terms of a general improvement in the livelihoods of persons,” Joseph said.

One direction funds from the CDP will be moving towards will be the development of village tourism, a project several ministers, including Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, have hinted at.

Just three weeks ago at a ceremony where the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Saint Lucia, Douglas Shen, presented a cheque for US$2,938,951.36 or (EC$7,900,489.05) to the Government of Saint Lucia towards the second phase of the CDP, Joseph, spoke of several outstanding issues with the CDP.

“The previous administration had expended much more than the allocations that were available to us. So I want to put things in perspective. I am very appreciative of what Taiwan is doing in helping us to resolve all of the outstanding issues with CDP which transpired prior to the elections,” noted Joseph.

He said some of the funds will be able to clear the backlog that government owes to the Saint Lucia Development Bank which was used by the previous government as a financier for CDP projects.

Joseph said that put the bank in a very difficult financial situation.

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  1. For continuing to roll in lock ss goose step with the “Flambeauyant big dogs” I award you the retweet from Le Grande Master Fuhrer Trump on his view of le Un Jong who has flown over the proverbial cuckoos nest o’er the Korean Peninsula “he’s a smart cookie”.
    Seig heil, Oberlootenant Fuhrer of Castries Reichstag.
    Now if only you could convert that village -cottage industry scheme into broader sustainable eco-tourism development….in the nooks and crannies of St Lucia ….perhaps using the model of agricultural cooperatives or Israel’s legendary Kibbutz communes ….. voila!!!!! 🙂

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