Trade Unions Mum on DSH

Image: A design of the proposed Pearl of the Caribbean.

THE St. Lucia Seamen, Waterfront and General Workers Union says it will embrace and support initiatives that seek to alleviate the unemployment situation in the country but will assume a wait and see attitude regarding the DSH project.

President Jonathan Emmanuel said his trade union is not undecided in the DSH project it’s just that there are still much opposition and as a result will with-hold comment for the time being.

The Seamen’s Union is not alone in refraining from making its position felt on the DSH project which has been touted a job provider for unemployed St. Lucians.

With the exception of the National Workers Union (NWU) all other trade unions both within the public and private sectors have so far not said a word on the DSH project despite the impact it will have on the unemployment situation in the country, which now stands at 22 percent.

Efforts to get a comment from the other trade unions, especially the Civil Service Association (CSA) with its large membership prove futile although it was learned that the CSA was advised to state their position on the matter.

The NWU meanwhile says it is pleased with the engagement of groups, stakeholders and other concerned interests on the proposed project.

“The time has come for serious decision making. We should now put in a national package all the said contributions on the project, get it right and move on with the project. We cannot ignore the fact that unemployment is still at a high level in the country and the southern part of the island is of great concern in that respect,” noted a statement from the NWU.

The NWU said that the country cannot, at this time in the history of its economic development turn away would be investors to its shores.

The DSH project, which is earmarked exclusively for Vieux Fort has been touted by the government as a long awaited development for that part of the island which will bring economic life to Vieux Fort.

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