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Image of Errol Alexander

ALTERNATIVE Security Services, a subsidiary of Amalgamated Security Services (ASSL), a well known and established Caribbean-based privately-owned security and risk management company with its head office in Trinidad and Tobago, has established a presence in St Lucia.

Image of Errol Alexander
Errol Alexander

The man at the top of the local operation is retired St Lucia Police Commissioner Errol Alexander who was appointed General Manager two months ago. Alexander joined Amalgamated last July as Regional brand Ambassador because of his experience in law enforcement and security.

Founded in 1983 the company has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the security industry in the Caribbean region offering a portfolio of security services and products including:
• Human and asset protection services
• Electronic and life saving services
• Out-sourcing services – Government and private sector
• Homeland security – equipment and professional services
• Training and HSS&E Facilitator
• Finance and Build, Operate , Lease and Transfer (BOLT) projects
• Information system security solutions
• Backhaul wireless solutions with last mile connectivity
• Forensic services and polygraph.

Amalgamated has earned a Caribbean reputation for developing and incorporating innovative and effective solutions to challenging security related problems. The success of the company services has been well documented and is evident in the number of awards and recognitions received both regionally and Internationally, these include The Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1997 for Services, Retail & Distribution and one of the most recent, Excellence in STOW Award at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference and trade Show 2017. The company is a fully registered and an active member of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP).

Amalgamated Security Services has offices located throughout Trinidad and Tobago and are operating subsidiaries in Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada, Guyana and Antigua. In St Lucia Alternative Security Services Ltd operations are founded and guided by the same policies, procedures, rules, guidance and values of its parent company Amalgamated Security Services.

The company’s most valuable asset is the Alternative family comprising well over 200 well-trained professionals. Its comprehensive approach to screening and hiring ensures that only the most qualified people are employed. The strength of the company lies with its employees and their commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity and the delivery of an excellent security service brand.

Alternative’s professionally designed and executed training programmes help produce knowledgeable and highly motivated security officers, managers and support personnel. This is evident in the structure of its past and present management team headed by Mr Stephen Martin, (a Trinidadian), seven years ago, followed by Mr Andrew Callender, (a Jamaican) who was recently transferred after three years as the CEO.

Alexander now heads the professional management team. He has over 30 years experience in the law enforcement and security field. He is the holder of a Diploma in Management Studies, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Hons.) in Criminal Justice and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester, England.

It is the policy of Alternative Security Services Ltd to always supply our customers with services and products that conform exactly to the agreed specifications in order to meet their needs and expectations. Unlike the majority of traditional security companies who fit the client’s needs into an existing service package Alternative Security Services develops and incorporates innovative and effective solutions to meet its clients’ needs. It integrates proven security tactics with new technology.

The company covers a comprehensive range of value-added services delivered by its security professionals. These services include:

• Guarding – baton, Canine K9 and firearm

The company possesses the requisite expertise in providing quality guard services for businesses, property and homes. On the field our service standard is maintained through frequent site visits by supervisors and operation coordinators. This service has support and continuous communication with a 24-hour Command and Control Centre. This Centre can quickly dispatch supervisors, patrol vehicles and emergency services if required to handle any arising situation.

• Cash Services

The company has more than seven years of experience in cash collection and delivery. With this experience and a professional, competent and well trained CIT crew it possesses the expertise and technology to handle any situation which may arise. All our CIT vehicles are equipped with state of the art systems to ensure uninterrupted radio communication between head office and headquarters team. In addition GPS tracking devices are installed in all the vehicles. With this system the whereabout of cash and valuables can be monitored from point of pickup, in transit to final point of delivery/destination.

• Mobile Response

The company responds to panic alarms which are registered to its command and control centre by a professional and well trained response team who operate from specific mobile positions.

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