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AAHHH WOMAN – the anchor of many families, renowned caretaker through the ages, emotional advisor to men, problem solver, renovator of hearts, cultural icon, historical relic and mother.

You are cordially invited to a celebration of femininity this week. We celebrate the woman’s struggles and her rise from the ashes of sAocial deprivation. Rising from the psychological chains of home-making, women have conquered in the political and social-economic spheres of our societies.

Dominica proudly boasts of the contributions of Dame Eugenia Charles to the transformation of its political climate – officially introducing women to the headship of states in the O.E.C.S. Although she left the confinements of this world on September 5th 2005, she will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the world’s longest serving female prime ministers.

Many historians record the birth of Empress Josephine in Martinique and the French celebrate their association to such an influential political figure. Being married to the famous Napoleon Bonaparte did little to deter her ambitions. She is known as one with a keen interest in horticulture and botany – once attempting to collect all species of roses for her special garden.

Other notable mentions: Born in Abymes, Guadeloupe, Christine Arron is a renowned track and field sprint athlete. Christine Arron also features prominently as the fifth fastest runner over 100meters and holds the European record of 10.73 seconds. In the literary world, from Pointe á Pitre, Guadeloupe is Maryse Condé – author of historical fiction and best known for a novel ‘Segu’ written from 1984-1985.

Who are the other notable feminine figures within the Island Neighbours? Tell us on Facebook: Island Neighbours.

Island Neighbours extends Happy International Women’s Day greetings to all women. This year, the world celebrates on March 8th 2017 under the theme “Be Bold for Change”. In praise of womanhood, we urge you to celebrate the Caribbean woman – who she was and who she has become. Be Bold! Be the Change!

Neighbourly GetAways
It is always a good time to brush up on your knowledge of the Island Neighbours. Take a trip to the Dominica State College Library where local history and culture thrives. Go through the catalogs and find that perfect book: the mystery, the legend, the adventure, the document and the fantasy. As we celebrate women and our freedom from physical metropolitan shackles, let us continue to equip ourselves with the knowledge of where we came from. The Schoelcher Library in Martinique is the perfect place to make new discoveries, to clarify misconceptions and to delve into the atrocities and the victories of the past. Go ahead …delve willingly into literary intrigue! In the land of the famous, many women, like men, are portrayed after much hard work, commitment and persistency. These are recorded for posterity …go head! Delve!

Historical note! One of the largest Stadiums in Guadeloupe is “Stade St Claude” in Basseterre, with a capacity of 10,000 spectators. The stadium is multi-used and home to Guadeloupe’s National Football Team. Get to know your neighbours!

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