Fire Safety at Home Crucial

Image of Lucas Lubin

THE General Manager of Windward Island Gases (WIG) the island’s biggest supplier of fire equipment is calling for every household to be equipped with safety equipment in the event of a fire.

Lucas Lubin said: “For nearly 30 years we have been involved in fire safety and fire protection, because we recognise that apart from it being a potential revenue stream, it is also something that is lacking in St. Lucia.”

Image of Lucas Lubin
Lucas Lubin

Lubin said it is also necessary to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to fire safety in the home and at work. He said: “At your home, what are the fire hazards? Usually they will be electrical, and sometimes the first things people want to do is to get water to put those fires out, and this is the worse thing you can do in an electrical fire. So it’s very important to have the proper safety device, which is a fire extinguisher.

The company provides an array of fire extinguisher options ranging from type to size.

Lubin said whilst it is vital to own extinguishers and fire blankets since fires could break out at home, vehicles and workplaces were bigger factors in need of consideration

He said: “Ask yourself this: where are the fire stations and where do you live? That should give you some sort of indication of the importance of you being able to be the first responder in case of a fire at your home. The fire stations are not located geographically near the homes of many people…if you live in places like Micoud or Anse la Raye, you will find yourself at a severe disadvantage. So that is why it is important to take fire safety very seriously, because a fire, although it can be disastrous, always starts small. So early detection is most important, and if it’s small enough, then you can extinguish it.”

WIG boasts of state of the art detectors with a hush button where alarms can be set to stay silent in areas, namely the kitchen where there is a high likelihood of intentional smoke presence.

Lubin recommended smoke detectors in every household, if not in every room, at least wherever fires are more likely to start.

When it comes to their top of the line smoke detectors, the company also specialises in design and installation of fire detection and suppression systems, with over 10 years of valuable experience. WIG also provides a comprehensive selection of fire hose reels and cabinets for residential, marine, commercial and auto use. Their products are produced by KIDDE, the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety products with over 90 years of experience.

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