Feedback Top Priority at ‘St. Jude’

THE Board of Directors at St. Jude Hospital is taking proactive measures to ensure that it remains fully accessible to the public so that service delivery, being driven by client feedback, is guaranteed.

The Board encourages patients and visitors to comment on the service provided by the institution as such feedback ultimately leads to improvement in health care delivery and patient satisfaction.

In keeping with this new thrust, the Board has instaled signs on both wings of the institution featuring a photograph introducing the Board of Directors to the public with a suggestion box below, allowing clients to provide comments and feedback anonymously. Clients wishing to receive a response from the Board are encouraged to leave their contact information.

The eight-member Board, headed by Chairperson Dr. Ulric Mondesir, will oversee the affairs of the institution for the next two years. The St. Jude Hospital Board is committed to ensuring that the institution provides safe, reliable and quality health care service that is centred on the patients that it serves.

The Board of Directors seeks to ultimately transform St. Jude Hospital into a model for other healthcare institutions, not only in St Lucia, but across the Caribbean. Central to achieving this goal is to ensure that the hospital provides a reliable service that is transparent and responsive to the needs of its patients and clients.

The suggestion boxes positioned on either side of the hospital are set up as a mechanism to encourage feedback, comments and/or suggestions using the forms provided. Clients are encouraged to fill out the feedback forms and drop it into the box provided. The submissions are collected and read only by members of the Board.

“The Board views seriously its leadership role in bringing about meaningful change based on integrity, medical ethics and established standards. We are mindful of St. Jude Hospital as a health service institution ,with a strong people-centered and community tradition, which serves a significant and critical part of the local population,” said Deputy Chairperson, Darnley Lebourne.

The Board is further mindful of the institution’s close proximity to the island’s international airport, a major industrial zone and future development projections for the south.

The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the amenities provided meet the satisfaction and needs of those whom it was established to care for and serve.

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