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The Best Performance Ever

I was invited by my granddaughter to attend her school Independence Pageant which as a doting granny I could not and would not have missed.

In the almost fifty years I have lived in St. Lucia I have been in the audience of numerous concerts and shows but this pageant put on by the Camille Henry School has to be singled out as one of the best performances I have witnessed; with an excellent display of original costumes; the articulate oral renditions by the students; and the talent displayed by each pupil is testament to the true dedication and hard work which had to have preceded this show by the principal and teachers of this school.

I am sure the school operates on a limited budget and to have organised such a splendid extravaganza again speaks to the talent of the teachers and the parents.

All the contestants presented their first outfits which were all made from natural St. Lucian resources, including banana leaves and floral decorations. The talent section further displayed what our young persons are capable of with indigenous dance routines and skits. The question and answer segment provided the children to express themselves as to what Independence meant to each of them. The final parade showed each of the girls in their beautiful Robe Dwette dresses, highlighting the expertise of our seamstresses. This was indeed a display of beauty as its best as the girls showed off their national attire with grace and aplomb.

With the limited budget which I am sure this school operates on, it is indeed awe-inspiring to see what can be done when one is determined to succeed and to have organised such a splendid school show again speaks volumes to the management of the Camille Henry School.

Singing entertainment was provided between each of the girls costume changes much to the delight of all the schoolchildren and audience.

When very often all we hear are the negative factors surrounding us, let us celebrate what is positive and excellent and give credit where credit is due.

Congratulations to the Camille Henry School and thank you to the contestants, parents and teachers for a job very well done.

–Jane Du Boulay

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