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“Photography St. Lucia” is a pictorial forum which allows the sharing, display, opportunity for critique and the enjoyment of the art of photography. It welcomes all. It is without a constraint, equipment, gender, age, profession or otherwise. Share your vision, enjoy our art; we pass this way but once in any lifetime. Email your photos to [email protected].

Photo specifications

File type: JPEG
Colour or black and white
Resolution: 72 – 100 ppi
Dimensions: Portrait or landscape width should be at least 900 px wide
General Information
Name of Photographer
F stop. Shutter speed. ISO value
Identify whether discrete photograph or collage
Any other relevant information that might be shared by the Photographer

Copyright remains with the photographer. The Voice Publishing Co. Ltd. Reserves the right to Publish the image for non-commercial purposes and to promote the Art of Photography.

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