Trevor Daniel Football Programme

300 Youngsters Training With Eyes on International Contests.

BIG things continue to happen as telecom leader FLOW partners with the biggest youth development programme in St. Lucia: the “Trevor Daniel Football Development Programme” (TDFDP).

Last Saturday over 300 uniforms and balls were lined up awaiting eager little hands. The recipients were the enrolled active members of the FLOW-TDFDP, a wonderful indication of the corporate giant’s continued commitment to giving back to St. Lucia in a big way.

The FLOW-Trevor Danielf FDP is home to over 300 kids aged 3-18 years, from 27 schools (pre, primary and secondary schools) in and around Castries, and thanks to FLOW, Sandals and the Ministry of Sports the future of St. Lucia’s football looks bright.

“While we are focused on producing a team to take St.Lucia to a World Cup or Olympic final in the next 12-16 years, we have an even bigger picture in sight.” Says programme head Trevor Daniel: “We know that not every child in our programme will become a superstar, not every child will be a national athlete. However every child can train and improve their individual skills, learn the game and have enjoyable experiences/memories, adopt healthy life style habits, have a boost in self confidence and self esteem, learn lessons for life that will make them better employees, better citizens, learn to share, learn to be aware of and care for the less fortunate and have at least one place that they feel safe, happy and creative, free to express themselves . We want to mass produce healthy, happy, well rounded, upright citizens”

While in only three short years FLOW- TDFDP has grown in numbers that is not their main measure of success. The programme has produced players who standout on their school, club and national teams. Their technical ability, confidence in their individual skills and their style of play is a trademark of the programme.

Says Daniel: “Producing good players does not just happen by accident, and natural born great players are very, very rare. There is a formula to get consistent results.”

Daniel added: “While I won’t give my secret recipe here I will share this with those in similar fields. Kids develop at their own pace and to their own rhythm, every child is uniquely different, so the approach we take to training these kids cannot be from a rigid mould, it has to be flexible, tweaked and even flipped upside down from child to child. While the knowledge/information remains the same the delivery must change. So for that, coaches must take some time to observe and learn their athletes.”

“The FLOW-Trevor Daniel FDP has started a major campaign to take St. Lucia’s football to the top on the international stage and we are looking out for the impact in the not too distant future, thanks to the support of: the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sandals Resorts and FLOW- this is how we play”, Daniel ended.

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