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Police Welfare Prez Not Staying On, Regrets Not Being Able To Unite The Force

Cameron Laure Says, It’s Time for Someone Else To Lead.

PRESIDENT of the Police Welfare Association, Cameron Laure will not be seeking re-election when the Association meets in February to elect a new executive.

Laure, who has served on the executive as president for two successive terms and prior to that was vice president, says it’s a promise he had made to his wife, but at the same time he feels that it is time to step down and for another person “with a bit more enthusiasm to step in.”

Camron Laure

“It’s a promise to my wife not to seek re-election,” Laure said.

Laure’s tenure as president has been controversial on accasions pitting the Association against the hierarchy of the police force.

“I truly believe it’s time for someone more enthusiastic to take over. I hope that whoever takes on the reins will have no fear or favour and stand up for the rights of members,” Laure said.

He admitted that his departure from the leadership position of the Association is not, in any way, to be read as him becoming inactive in the Association.

“I will still be an active member. I still have aspirations in terms of union representation; however now is the time to take care of family,” Laure said.

He will be leaving the Association’s leadership with challenges still plaguing the force, one of which is the IMPACS report linking several police officers to the shooting deaths of 12 civilians during a police exercise in 2010/2011 called Operation Restore Confidence.

“There are still challenges. IMPACS is still looming. I know it will affect police officers. Another challenge is the changes that need to be made regarding the rules of the Association. We have completed a draft. I hope that whoever comes in can see this through. Our rules are ambiguous,” Laure said.

He acknowledged failure in at least one area as president, that of being unable to unite the police force to make it appear as the vibrant organization many people expect it to be,

“I would have loved to see more unity in the police force. The Force is divided on so many different levels,” Laure said.

He believes that the Association is well position to inspire the change the police force needs to take it from its listless appearance to one of vibrancy.

“Members seem to feel that the police force is stagnant. We need to be a little more united. I would love to see more unity,” Laure said.

“If someone was to ask me where I failed it would be in not being able to achieve a more united police force,” he added.

Laure is currently the Vice President of the Caribbean Federation of Welfare Police Officers. Prior to that he was the First Vice President. He will continue to serve in the Vice President position even though he will no longer be a member of the executive of the local association.

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