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More ‘Cops’ on Duty

THE Royal St. Lucia Police Force has launched an offensive against crime in the City of Castries by increasing the number of patrols primarily within the main commercial center.

The increased patrols is part of police strategy to curb incidents of robbery, burglary and other criminal offences that always seem to surge during the Christmas season.

“The police have embarked on patrols within the city with the advent of the Christmas season. We intend to curb those incidents robberies, snatches and burglaries,” Police Press Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Gregory Alexander said.

But the officers engaged in keeping the city safe during the Christmas season will not only be employed to walk the streets. According to Alexander they will be engaged in stop and search exercises as well as part of the strategy by the police force to keep the city safe.

“These additional patrols are on a 24 hour basis,” Alexander said.

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