Christmas Concert In V Fort December 17

School Of Music Free Concert

THE Mouvman Ansamn of Vieux Fort invites the general public to a Christmas Concert on Saturday December 17 from 6: 00 p.m. at the Independence Square in Vieux Fort.

MouvmanAnsamn was established to promote social and development programmes and to establish collaborative relationships with government, non-governmental and community institutions. Current members of the social and cultural organization include , Monty Maxwell, Raye Maxwell, Anthony Samuel, Bertha Francis, CarmicherMondesir, Brenda Annerville, Sharma James, Allison Boriel and Gandolph St. Clair.

In the 2016 MouvmanAnsanm Christmas Concert line up are Imani models, Ulwin and friends, Gandolph St. Clair, Karma Band, NintusMagre, N’Vogue Models, and other acts yet to be confirmed. All the performing artistes have waived fees for the communal event, in the southern town of Vieux Fort.

Last year due to circumstances beyond control of MouvmanAnsanm of Vieux Fort, the Annual Christmas Concert was cancelled. Main sponsors for this event is Digicel.

Residents of all ages particularly in the south of the island are encouraged to turn out in large numbers to welcome and celebrate the Festive Christmas Season.

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