A Positive Sign

Image of Fidel Castro

EVEN in the worst times, some of the best lessons in life must not find us missing them. Quite often whenever constructive criticism is given, one gets the impression that such criticism must be based solely on highlighting the negative. Sadly, the positives often go unnoticed — or worse – unrecognized.

The passing of former Cuban president, Fidel Castro, it has turned out, has given us reasons to pause, if only to notice some semblance of political maturity at home. In choosing a delegation to represent Saint Lucia at the late President’s funeral, our Prime Minister demonstrated leadership by embracing bipartisanship.

Whilst acknowledging the special relationship shared by Castro and his (Chastanet) predecessor, Dr. Kenny Anthony, the Prime Minister reached out to the Opposition in an effort to have a united representation at Castro’s funeral. As such, Chastanet leads the delegation to Cuba accompanied by Minister for Health, Mary Isaac, and Laborie opposition MP, Alva Baptiste.

Over the years, the political landscape has become an acrimonious one that sees politicians on both sides hurling either “picong” or lawsuits at each other. Sporadically, a gem of bipartisanship shoots forth and the interest of country seems to be the heart of our democracy. This latest episode should be a reminder that decency and respect still abide among politicians. This is a positive sign.

The opposition, too, must be applauded for accepting the invitation to travel with the delegation to Cuba. Its decision to accept to travel with the government proves that despite the politics that divide candidates and parties Saint Lucians must stand together when they need to represent Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians.

In a few weeks’ time, another parliamen- tary session will be convened and matters will be hotly debated in the House of Assembly. Many might be tempted to ask where the bipartisanship went. But for now, we need to call a spade a spade by giving credit where it is due.

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