Sandals Touts Breast Cancer Awareness

IT robs a woman of so much more than her health – it takes away her very womanhood.

I’m talking about breast cancer, which, according to the American Cancer Society is the leading cancer diagnosed among women, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. On a global average a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes, and it claims a life every 13 minutes.

It’s time we started raising awareness about this pervasive disease. A woman is defined not only by her personality, but by her physical attributes. The breasts are not just about beauty; it’s what succors her young. When a woman is told that these vital parts of her being have to be cut off – removed – ripped away from her; I don’t imagine there are many more traumatic things in life.

We can help save our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters from having to go through this life-disrupting experience. That’s why Sandals Resorts has committed itself to raising awareness throughout the Caribbean.

Right here in Saint Lucia Sandals is appealing to the public to support the effort to raise Breast Cancer Awareness, and as the world observes October as a month of action, join with them and play your part. “We are calling on members of the public to ‘Take a Stand with Sandals’ this Friday, October 14th. We want you to come out in pink! Pink is the colour used to rally support about breast cancer. It doesn’t matter what it is, find something pink and put it on,” a spokesman said, adding:

“Let’s spread the word; Friday October 14 is Pink Friday. It’s the day we recognize the perils of breast cancer and we take a stand to raise awareness among the most vulnerable.

“Let’s do this together, and we can make a difference.”

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