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Same Strategy, Same Result


I am simply dismayed by what came out of the Labour Party conference of delgates last weekend.

Having lost a general election, the Labour Party leadership is now reminding us of all the reasons why it lost. Pierre and Dr. Kenny Anthony appear to be one and the same: the same kind of arrogance, the same kind of silly bravado, the same kind of emptiness; the same kind of hopelessness.

Mr. Pierre is definitely not Prime Minister material and the quicker the party realizes it the better. In fact, the Labour Party of today is woefully short of leadership material because the much touted Ernest Hilaire is not acceptable either.

But to get back to Mr. Pierre. Imagine the new Labour party leader accusing the new Chastanet of victimization when so many political appointees by the Labour Party are still in their jobs. The case of the Attorney General bears reference because we have never had such a situation in St Lucia before. So many contracts renewed by the Labour Party on the eve of a general election. It is worthy of note that Mr. Pierre has not seen it fitting to address this matter.

After four months, Pierre finds the new government to be clueless, but the five years of his government was an utter disaster with three years of economic stagnation and record unemployment, among other things. Ironically, the SLP under Pierre is pursuing the same kind of agenda that cost the party the election, the targeting of Allen Chastanet. The result can only be the same.
– Tim Tim


  1. I don’t know what litmus test you subjected the current leader of the opposition to arrive at the conclusion that he is not PM material. To say he and the former leader are one and the same is neither here nor there. That type of propaganda is the same baseless nonsense that party hacks like to feed the electorate.

    Build an argument, tell us why you think so; tell us you this is so. Don’t tell us they are the same without some form of substantiation. In so doing you leave yourself open to be seen as a peddler of BS just you did in dismissing Hilaire as being of PM material. Did the labour party ever told you the mantle would be passed on to him? How comes you are the only one privy to that information? The problem is you tried to second guess the internal running’s of the party and you failed. Still the shameless stooge that you are don’t you should not talk about things you don’t know so you now want to belittle Hilaire’s ability. The only ones saying Hilaire would be this or that were the UWP and its hacks.

    If I were you I would be doing everything I can to see my party do what it promised and stop the mud slinging. Keep your ears and eyes open and apply your mind to the realities on the ground. That will serve you much better for I know from your point of view there is no one in he labour capable of doing anything good for the country. And this is so solely because he/she is a member of the labour party. But I have news for you: now is not the time check what is happening in the labour party but to check on whether the UWP is living up to expectations. Don’t even bother telling me they have passed every test for they have gone back on their word. How about that for fooling gullible you or if you were one of the architects of the lies?

  2. ……polyester J.Pierre has nothing to offer;……..for years I thought this guy was a mute, but now that he seems to have found his voice,…… the shit can’t stop flowing. Got to get himself and Son-of-Man a cartoon of toilet paper,……….soon!!

    1. Tim Tim sans Boise Chaise?
      I find it amazing that the afterglow of a confiscated 50% of the electorate; victory is so muted by the dredged Troumasse style mud slinging rallied against the opposition.
      This is disturbing because it appears that a Gestapo style silencing of parliamentary rights is deployed- the castigation of a reporter over HRH Playboy Excelsior HARRY.
      Now this baseless put downs assailing A TOO BLACK in complexion elected minister of the peoples government.
      The nazis were very crafty with these personal attacks on elected members to the Reichstag – in their quest to dominate the minds and wrest political power from even educated Germans.
      Pinochet et al zerox these kull and bones strategies with ruthless aplomb.
      Flambeau -ET TU?

  3. /

    While reading this pathetic attempt to destroy another Black Lucian, to enable Sambo Negroes like this writer to have some Caucasian as their Master and some white supremacist witch as First Lady, I kept thinking MUHAMMAD ALI. Yes Muhammad was said to have A BIG MOUTH, BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD.

    Muhammad was hated for no other reason than being an intelligent African American who did not dance to the white God of the Chastanets and Slave Masters. Do you think that the Chastanet Crime Family who is the most mentally ill leader in politics today, and thinks Black people should get his permission to speak and question this little swindler who stole 100,000.00 dollars from the people of Soufriere will teach their little racist to pray to a Black African Naked Male nailed to a crosspost?

    You Negro slaves are the most disgraceful Sambos in the World. No black country in the world has a pale so-called white woman as their first lady and if Allen Chastanet was not such an evil white supremacist this idiot functionally illiterate would NEVER have imposed his Caucasian Tarzan Family to rule you bunch of savages, who think God is the Naked White Man that your wives and daughters kneel under him, while he urinates in their faces giving them a Golden Shower so you Negroes can drink his blood.

    Would someone teach this functionally illiterate Allen Chastanet how to stop COUNTING WORDS and STOP LYING?




    1. That money stolen by this colossal rogue Allen Chastanet when interest is attached amounts to over one hundred thousand dollars/ 100,000.00. Allen Chastanet intends to fire the Attorney General and replace her with spineless parasitic Lawyer who will not pursue the case or deliberately losing the case by playing Possum/Argootee.





  4. /

    Monies now stolen by the Chastanet Crime Family from the people of Soufriere when interest is compounded weekly at 18 % for 6 years. Make that 7 years

    38,000( 1 + .18/52) ^52X7 = 134,000.00 dollars is the actual amount stolen by Allen Chastanet when interest is calculated at 18 % over the period since the monies were stolen by this criminal.

    $$ 134,000.00 and counting, is what this swindler now has stolen from the maleyweys of Soufriere. Allen Chastanet should be arrested immediately. Were this any other Black Lucian they would be rotting in the prison. This criminal has surrounded himself with Lucifer worshipers like Guy Joseph, Rapist, and crazy people like the Honorary white man on steroids.




  5. Give the man a chance. He was the head and did not call the shots. Give him a shot at the next election. See how he performs.

  6. !


    What is your problem? Please let us know why you hate yourself and anyone who looks and reminds you of your worthless self?

    We know well, if you could kill your black self and do a white Jesus resurrection coming back as a Caucasian, you would kill your self hating behind?

    You fail to understand I knew you before you had the sex change operation. In fact you have become the prerequisite course for the AFTER EFFECTS OF SLAVERY ON THE NEGRO SEXUALITY.




  7. /

    OK SAMJ:

    I find it easier to find URLs on my Desktop than on the Phone, so like I promised, millions of individuals know of your intense hatred of your GENDER AND NEGRO SELF.

    The only Lucians more masochistic than you is the MEMBER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE RICK JOHN WAYNE and his Second BLACKFACE JOSIE – a white man with his face Black Polished – smh.

    SAMJ Ou pas ni pyes HONTE / NO SHAME ?? Gardey’u la:




  8. Wow to think its lawful to allow so much DRIVEL in one newspaper article. The writer “Tim Tim” aptly named is clueless. Just another UWP hack writing from an imagined authoritative position.

    Philip Pierre could have broughr the stars to the writer and he woukd have asked for galaxies beyond.

    To deny the reality of victimization using the Attorney General and her present situation, shows a dimwit in the person of the writer. The AG is a perfect example of victimization, when one considers the views of Guy Joseph concerning her. He practically accused her of being a voice for Kenny Anthony though she is presently contracted to work for the GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA.

    I cannot believe this garbage would be permitted printing space in the voice newspaper.

  9. His MoronicHighness2. has been elevated to acting prime minister
    The obeah of the obedient poodle
    Over the intellectual achievements of Dr Rigo?
    Well the Fuhrer. wannabe knows how to disseminate OPIATE for the masses.

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