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Prime Minister’s Address to the Nation Rescheduled to November 7

img: Prime Minister Allen Chastanet. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s Address to the Nation, previously scheduled for October 31, has been rescheduled to Monday, November 7.

The Prime Minister is expected to address a myriad of issues during this address, including the state of our nation’s economy and measures taken to put Saint Lucia on the path to economic growth.

In his promised address, Prime Minister Chastanet will also outline his administration’s progress thus far and future plans in keeping with the goals of building a prosperous and progressive Saint Lucia for all.

The Prime Minister has reiterated that his government believes that over-taxation continues to hamper growth and he will outline the government’s agenda to introduce targeted tax amnesties and also lay out plans for the anticipated reduction in Value Added Tax (VAT).

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  1. ??

    It has become increasingly more difficult to figure, imagine, even with my Mechanical Engineering degree extrapolate, what combination of cataclysmic catastrophes,
    “tremblement de terre”, and calamities must afflict the Lucian people before they awaken to this Lowlife Sleazeball Lying pathology of the Allen Chastanet Crime Family.

    When are you brain-damaged Lucians ever going to realize that the Caribbean Sea is NOT WATER but actually RWOM BLANC/white rum? But most of all, WHEN WILL YOU REALIZE THAT ALLEN CHASTANET IS LUCIFER — EVERY TIME LUCIFER OPENS HIS MOUTH HE LIES !

    Look, this Sleazeball needs more time to construct a bigger LIE – CALL THAT POSTPONEMENT ID YOU WANT.




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