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Massy Stores Launches Yoplait Cancer Campaigns

The Yoplait Cancer Walk

The official launch of the Massy Stores/Yoplait Cancer Campaigns was held recently at the Coco Palm Resort, our campaign launch sponsor. Present at the launch were cancer survivors, staff and sponsors — all banding together to help fight breast cancer.

Already in its 9th year, the Cancer Campaigns have taken on numerous changes which have all added to its success.

As part of the launch, guests participated in an auction of specially-designed and handmade Meme Bete leather bags and Dapper Gentle Man bracelets, raising $2,000 to be placed in the cancer fund, where all proceeds at the end of the Cancer Campaigns will be donated to the National Community Foundation and Faces of Cancer.

Over the years, the Cancer Campaigns have been a significant part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

img: Invited Guests at the Launch of the Massy Stores & Yopait Cancer Campaign.
Invited Guests at the Launch of the Massy Stores & Yopait Cancer Campaign.

“The partnerships that we see being realized as we enter the 9th year of this campaign through various collaborations with the private sector and many individuals and teams coming together is why we see such successes every year,” said Managing Director, Massy Stores, Mr. Martin Dorville.

As he thanked each sponsor for their continued support, Dorville stated that Massy Stores St. Lucia’s involvement with cancer awareness is part of a wider corporate commitment to health and wellness in Saint Lucia as the company donates $25,000 to the NCF annually.

Since beginning the campaign in 2008, Massy Stores (formerly Consolidated Foods Ltd.) has raised EC $280,000, all of which has been donated to various cancer causes in St. Lucia.

Special thanks to all our sponsors: Digicel, Verge Media, The Wave, JE Bergasse, Crystal Clear, The Star, Tropical Discoveries, Royal Bank, Excel Signs, Choice TV and AdVizze Consulting Inc., who made this campaign a success thus far.

The Yoplait Cancer Walk takes place on Sunday, November 6 from the starting point at Massy Stores Mega and culminates at Pigeon Island where supporters get to participate in the popular ‘Men in Heels’ event.
Registration for the Yoplait Cancer Walk is $15 at all Massy Store locations.

For more information about the company’s activities for the month, please visit us on Facebook and Instagram @massystoresslu.

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