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Interest in St. Lucia Business Awards Grows

All local businesses should consider participating in the St. Lucia Business Awards scheduled for January 28, 2017.

That was the message at the Business Awards Orientation Workshop held at the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce’s secretariat recently where participants once again had the opportunity to discuss matters with the St. Lucia Business Awards’ panel of judges.

This year, many new and emerging businesses were present in the audience seeking explanation as first-time applicants. The orientation workshop provided all interested in making submissions to the St. Lucia Business Awards: clarity on the process, criteria, expectations and techniques for making award-winning submissions.


Partakers sought clarification specific to their categories of interest, with the judges providing valuable tips and insight on an award-winning submission. Attendees were encouraged to not be intimidated by the fact that many well-established firms were making submissions. Judges and organizers pointed out that the qualities that are being awarded and celebrated are not related to size or resource base of companies.

The fourteen award categories for this year are:
1. Prime Ministers Award for Innovation
2. Award for Service Excellence
3. Entrepreneur of the Year Award
4. Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
5. Business of the Year Award
6. Exporter of the Year Award Goods
7. Exporter of the Year Awards Services
8. Award for Excellence in Human Resource Development
9. Award for Marketing Excellence
10. Award for Corporate Leadership
11. Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
12. Green Award
13. Idea of the Year Award
14. Ease of Doing Business Award

The St. Lucia Business Awards Committee emphasized that participation in the national awards is open to ALL Business in St. Lucia: big and small, Chamber member or not. All interested businesses are urged to access the applications forms via the Chamber’s website or contact the secretariat at 452 3165. Deadline for submission of applications is November 24, 2016.

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