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Dr. Greaves To Address Country Conference Tomorrow

Image: Dr. Damian Greaves (Ph.D)
Image of Dr. Damian Greaves (Ph.D)
Dr. Damian Greaves (Ph.D)

DR. Damian Greaves (Ph.D) will be the keynote speaker for the Saint Lucia Country Conference to be held at Bay Gardens Hotel from tomorrow.

Dr. Greaves brings to the three-day conference a wealth of experience and academic qualifications in the areas of Health Management and Policy, Public Health, Sociology and Education and will speak to the conference theme “Collegial Information Sharing for Sustainable Development”

Currently an Associate Professor and Deputy Chair in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences School of Arts & Sciences, St. George’s University, Dr. Greaves also serves as Assistant Dean: Office of the Provost, St. George’s University with responsibility for Faculty Affairs and Educational Technology.

Prior to this, Dr. Greaves lectured at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (1987-1994) and also at The UWI School of Continuing Education from 1995-1997, on a part-time basis.

Dr. Greaves also served as Minister for Health, Human Services, Family Affairs & Gender Relations, Government of Saint Lucia (2006), Minister for Community Development, Culture, Local Government, Cooperatives & Ecclesiastical Affairs (1997-2001) and Opposition Senator (Lead Opposition Member) Parliament of Saint Lucia 2007 – 2010. He would later briefly serve as Sociologist/Liaison Officer to a UNDP/Government of Saint Lucia Funded Rural Development Project (1995-1997) in the Mabouya Valley, Dennery.

A prolific writer, Dr. Greaves publications include: Comparative Health Systems: Global Perspectives, A Recipe for Change, Constitutional Reform in Saint Lucia, and Management/Leadership of Health Systems in Small Island Developing States of the English-Speaking Caribbean: A Critical Review.

Dr. Greaves will address the gathering of over 30 conference presenters, and specially invited guests tomorrow at The Bay Gardens Hotel at 6:30 p.m.

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