Prophet Browne’s Finale Tonight

Image of The Brownes
Image of The Brownes
The Brownes

A Barbadian evangelist is ending a two-day campaign in St Lucia this evening.

Prophet Janal Browne and his wife Victoria have taken their Prophetic Movement Ministry to various parts of the Caribbean. Following a successful crusade in St Lucia last year, the couple are back for two sessions at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort.

They have sent out an invitation to the public to join them for the final session which takes place at 6:00 p.m. this evening.

The Movement said that God has been using Prophet Janal and Pastor Victoria Browne mightily around the world to bring hope to thousands. “Barbados-born, they are products of what God can do through many who make their life available to Him”, the Movement said.

Prophet Browne is credited with predicting at one of his services last year that there would have been an early general election in St Lucia and a change of government.

The Movement said: “Prophet Browne is known for continuously accurate prophecies and ministering about governments, officials and high profile business men and women around the world. In Georgetown, Guyana few weeks ago hundreds were healed. Some who were deaf from birth heard clearly, others that were dumb spoke for the first time, others that could not walk were healed supernaturally”.

From St. Lucia this time, Prophet Browne will head to the United States to preach two nights of revival in Miami then he will be ministering to 3,000 Spanish people in one of the biggest churches in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prophet Browne and his wife have been featured by TV programmes in the Caribbean and around the world including TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network ) in United States.


  1. /

    Who wrote this piece of propaganda? “HUNDREDS” were healed? of Cancer, HIV AIDS, the blind could now see, and the Lame walked.

    Look whoever wrote this nonsense, can you please tell me the name of ONE of the Cancer stricken people who Dr. King had diagnosed as having stage four terminal Cancer that Dr. King can today testify that this “HUNDREDS” of sick people are now Cancer Free ?

    You could not be a person with any knowledge of the rules of Journalism to write such garbage about hundreds of people being cured SUPERNATURALLY? Are you getting some cut from that impostor for writing this garbage? Are you some kind of Medical Doctor, WHO ARE YOU?

    Now this pretty woman learned to mastubate from Lucifer and Brown cured her. Take a listen and Brown cured her and she now lives with me in Black Malley Gap, Marchand.




  2. almighty God?

    Ask your “almighty” God if he can build a heavy stone who is to heavy to lift it up by him self.
    a) if he still can lift up the stone then he can not build the heavy stone.
    b) if he can not lift up the stone he is not almighty

  3. It is all about the mighty dollar……Prophet are you kidding me you two will fool some of the people sometimes but not all of the people all the time.

  4. Prophet Brownie,

    Please spare us in St. Lucia of your “visits” next time. We know about God more than you already.
    Take a job in agriculture, go work in the field.

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