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Pierre – Time for Revenge?


The news of a new Leader of the Opposition in Saint Lucia reached me and it does no good. Let me be frank and truthful: I thought Ernest Hilaire would have been the best of the six, assuming that SLP was focused on rebuilding. The fact that I thought Mary Isaac would have won the Castries South seat is of no moment in this discussion.

Hilaire was looked upon with envy by some SLP’s who had overstayed their time on the executive of the party. That envy originated from the way the political leader had pre-selected him as favorite surrogate and his replacement. The move had obvious echoes of a former time when a certain Lewis was parachuted over the heads of other hard working UWP’s by you know who, to lead that party.

Face it, the important issue of leadership goes beyond the shenanigans within the defeated SLP. Saint Lucia needs a strong opposition if the government is to be kept on its toes and made to deliver on its election promises. Democracy demands a strong opposition! The newly anointed Leader of the Opposition has displayed a propensity for spitefulness and niggardliness bordering on racism and fear of the Caucasian race. He has spent 40 years playing second fiddle and being disrespected by the leadership of SLP. Has his time finally come for revenge?

What is the former Prime Minister (and leader of the SLP), to do? He cannot turn and disown Hilaire. Yet he knows that the others are not ready to fill his size ‘all-and-a-half’ shoes. So in this play acting Saint Lucia is being denied a glimpse of the future SLP. Perhaps the idea is to groom Hilaire to take over party and parliament in the not too distant future, who knows?

In the meantime what becomes of Vieux-Fort? When will the MP and former Prime Minister set the people of Vieux-Fort free to choose someone new who will work with the new Prime Minister to build a new cruise ship terminal at New Dock, a new Marina at Coco Dan and a new international terminal at Hewaorra Airport?

By the way the other person who deserves a look-in as Leader of the Opposition is the MP for Laborie. His little village has faithfully voted SLP ever since it was dismembered from Vieux Fort/Laborie constituency. That, plus the man has shown some political savvy when not intoxicated by the drug of political office are reasons enough. But as he must have learned by now, life can be unfair and the unkindness cut of all is to be chopped by your leader.

– Peter Josie.


  1. Black Pete Josie?

    “When will the former Prime Minster set the people of Vieux Fort FREE” ?? Will the real Black Pete take off this Black-skin Makeup and get the necessary treatment for his malady? which certainly resembles schizophrenia.

    I can recall a recent piece of propaganda written by your hands at the direction of the tyrant Michael Chastanet, wherein you proclaimed that Elections and the associated politics was OVER.”

    I have long ago concluded that you were mentally unstable, and your history and worship of a Caucasian as your God and Saviour, bears witness to your malady, relegating you to the ranks of the reprobate. Allen Chastanet is an idiot who has now embarked on embarrassing the Black People of this country on the international stage, but with your traitorous character on display weekly, I doubt Michael Chastanet would allow you to be Ambassador to Rat Island.

    Just look at the individuals who think Negroes like yourself and the Steroid King John Wayne possess a scintilla of credibility; the Negro TOM TOM from Monchy living in his sister’s basement in Brooklyn, and the lunatic calling himself NY, who has a strange fascination with Kaka Chien.




  2. ……..sure!……no doubt it: time to return son-of -man and his myriad mutations including( optical/alameen) back to Jurassic Park………

  3. /

    Why do you people behave like savages? You, Black Pete Josie, Mary Isaac, and the one who sexually assaulted Ms. Compton and was afterwards was rewarded with the Agricultural plantations around the island, where he can now conveniently dispose his raped victims’ bodies – the rapist’s name escapes me just now, along with the numerous others who perceive the Chastanet CRIME FAMILY as their ticket to America without visas. You Negroes are the most dangerous and disgraceful Race of degenerates ever produced by your Slave Master and his Caucasian God who you Negroes call Sweet White Jesus.

    Allen Chastanet is the very same lowlife, who when selected by you UWP Savages to instruct you shameless slaves how to walk on your hind legs, told you that you Negroes have no History, and were a people who lived in trees and caves, therefore you should thank Tarzan Jane and Boy for making good Christian Slaves out of you Little Savages.

    “FORGET SLAVERY! FORGET HOW THE CAUCASIAN CHRISTIANS RAPED YOUR MOTHERS, SONS AND DAUGHTERS! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT, YOU ARE NOT JEWS; YOU ARE NIGGERS!” was what Allen Chastanet told you, and so you savages proved him right, because you made him your Prime Minster. You BLACK SAMBOES made these criminals your First Family, with Black Pete swinging the whip as House Nigger number ONE, while instructing you to be “Good Negroes” for the Chastanet Crime Family, led by “TAKE THEM OUT MICHAEL CHASTANET, who has been around since 1492, when Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue, but has become a Zombie feeding off the brain tissue of Black Lucians.

    Allen Chastanet is a Criminal Fraudster who is headed to prison for swindling the people of my mother’s birth place, and thought his lies and deceptions would have saved him from Bodilis. So what did you disgraceful Negroes do? You Samboes made him your master. The countdown to destruction has begun, and you will come to know who is the real madman.

    Here’s Allen Chastanet telling you sick lowlives that your life is of no value.





  4. *
    YES! Yo Bouche vollier ah.

    Many of us have known that this Crime Family has no limits. The Thug Michael Chastanet has openly advocated for the murder of Black Saint Lucians. This Criminal raised his offspring to hate our people and our Kweyol Culture, knowing well that Negro Samboes like Rick John Wayne and Black Pete Josie along with the other criminals who have aided and abetted this reign of terror upon our people of St. Lucia by the Chastanet Crime Family, would sell their own mothers for the promise of getting a white woman to make these scumbags honorary white men.

    This is the worthless idiot swindler these Sambo Negroes have made our Prime Minster, thinking that this fraudster Allen Chastanet is God incarnate. Now only a few days into this Nightmare, the international embarrassment has accelerated to see this worthless idiot being Charged with Malfeasance in office and facing several years in Prison for stealing money from the people of Soufriere for his personal use.

    CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Wednesday July 6, 2016 – Allegations of breach of trust and misfeasance in public office have come back to haunt St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

    Just over a year after a High Court judge threw out the claim against Chastanet, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal has reinstated it.

    It was on December 10, 2013, that several allegations were made in a claim filed by the Attorney General against Chastanet, as a former government minister, and Chairman of the Soufriere Town Council, Kenneth Cazaubon.

    Chief among the allegations were that Chastanet, while a minister of Government and a candidate for the United Workers Party (UWP) requested, advised, received, permitted or acquiesced in the expenditure of the sum of EC$38,119 (US$) of public funds of the Council for the unlawful purpose of a campaign and political event for his personal and the political benefit of his political party, the UWP.

    The money had been raised by the government of St. Lucia, from Taiwan, for specific community projects. It was also alleged that Chastanet knew or ought to have known or was recklessly indifferent to the fact that the conduct in question was unlawful and that as a consequence, he acted in a manner that amounted to a breach of his fiduciary duties as a minister of Government, bad faith and/or misfeasance in public office.

    It was further alleged that Cazaubon, as Chairman of the Council, abdicated his authority and acted in breach of his fiduciary duties when he acted on Chastanet’s request, instruction or direction and gave instructions to pay, or caused the Council to pay, public funds for the unlawful purpose of meeting expenses of a campaign and political event.

    In a judgment delivered on Monday, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal held that High Court judge, Justice Belle, made an error in striking out the application against Chastanet without first having a substantial hearing with evidence on the merits.

    “The remedy of striking out is a nuclear option and should only be utilized in cases where the pleadings are incurably bad…The learned judge went too far and made several findings of fact on matters that were not before him for determination,” the court said.

    The Court of Appeal therefore sent the case back to the Supreme Court to be heard by a different judge.

    In a statement following the judgment, the St. Lucia Labour Party, which was in power when the claim was made against Chastanet, welcomed the ruling, saying that the case had always only been about “safeguarding public funds, the issue of good governance, the fiduciary obligation of public officers, especially ministers to treat with public funds in a proper manner and the abuse of office by public officials including ministers”.

  5. Most of you shameless and ignorant Looshans, Yourself, Black Pete Josie, and Rick John Wayne who voted for this Chastanet Crime Family, will soon get your wakeup call, when this swindler and fraudster Allen Chastanet is sent to prison for robbing the Lucian’s Coffers to line his pockets for the purchase of Boloms from Guy Joseph to win elections. You don’t really care about our 238 sq. mile, do you? One would think that this idiot Allen who suffers with dyslexia would not permit you sickos to make himself the international embarrassment of our country, but this power hungry and greedy nincompoop who is the real son of af a bitch and add yourself as his house nigger, could just not turn down this opportunity to play the ass in the major leagues..

  6. Peter,
    Noting that your partner in crime is now the Health czar and your Massa who LOVES our commando tactics is now the proud state papa;
    we are considering an Argentinan style extradition for you.
    Recall our flawless pick up of top Nazi criminals over the decades following WW11?
    We feel that your extradition to a Psychiatric Center – is way past midnight.
    Rest assured we have considered “county club’ style amenities on par with that enjoyed by Nixon’ s henchmen (Watergate trials).
    Colonel Phantom Falcon

  7. This is another specious argument by Mr. Peter Josie. Your argument lacks substance. It is a clear illustration of your superficiality. “The newly anointed Leader of the Opposition has displayed a propensity for spitefulness…and fear of the Caucasian race.” I am appalled by your ignorance and vitriolic tirade. You are presenting a series of meaningless slogan and unsupported assertion. Listen to your language, you are spouting propaganda. Frankly sir, you write and reason like a standard one pupil.

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