Jehovah’s Witnesses hold conventions

Hundreds of local Jehovah’s Witnesses will tomorrow Friday, begin the first in a series of two three-day regional conventions.

The second convention will be held from July 29-31.

The events are being held under the theme ‘Remain Loyal to Jehovah’ at the Witnesses assembly hall at Bexon.

The conventions have a set format that includes 49 presentations, each exploring the theme ‘loyalty.’
Additionally, the Witnesses have prepared 35 video segments specifically for the programme, plus two short films that will be shown on the Saturday and Sunday of each weekend.

Each day the morning and afternoon sessions will be introduced by music videos recorded for the convention.

The sessions begin at 9:20 a.m.

Bible based discourses on Friday morning’s programme will help attendees to see how they can maintain loyalty in thought, word and action.

The Friday afternoon session will feature a symposium – ‘Be Loyal as Jesus Was’, when young, when persecuted, tempted, praised, tired, abandoned or facing death.

Saturday’s programme will include a baptismal talk, entitled ‘Never Abandon Your Love For Jehovah,’ followed by the baptism of candidates.

On Sunday, one of the highlights will be a bible discourse with the intriguing theme: ‘When Will Loyal Love Triumph Over Hatred?’

Organizers have said that they strongly believe that loyalty is an essential part of any healthy relationship.

They say the ‘Remain Loyal to Jehovah’ Convention series will help people develop stronger bonds in relationships with loved ones and especially with God.

Admission to the two conventions is free and no collections are ever taken.
Everyone is invited.


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