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Dark Shadows over the White House!

Image of Hillary Clinton

Chronicles Of A Chronic Chronicler Earl Bousquet.

Image of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

THREE big things happened in London, Washington and Dallas, Texas last week.

First was the presentation of the seven-years-in-waiting Report of the Sir John Chilcot Inquiry into the UK/US-led war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Second was the decision by the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to conclude its year-long investigation into how Hillary Clinton handled sensitive emails while serving as Secretary of State. Third was the killing of five police officers in Dallas by snipers during a Black protest against police killings.

The first two have similar hallmarks. The Chilcot Inquiry found everything wrong with the decision by Prime Minister Tony Blair to send British troops to a useless war in Iraq, while the FBI investigation found Mrs. Clinton was utterly careless in her handling of confidential emails embedded in her private home server. In both cases too, the judges and juries stopped short of prosecuting, far less “executing” either.

The inquiry found Blair had unilaterally rushed unprepared British troops into Iraq while the UN Security Council was discussing whether any action was necessary. Scores of British soldiers died in a war deemed both unnecessary and avoidable. But the civil servants who conducted the inquiry concluded it was not its role to legally punish Blair. Likewise, though the FBI found that Clinton had been utterly careless with confidential email, it found no evidence she was up to no good. So she too will not be prosecuted.

Blair is unapologetic. He is sorry for the dead, but not for sending them to their deaths. He insists the Middle East – and the whole world — is better off without Saddam Hussein, even though the world has long known that his regime never had any of the weapons of mass destruction Blair and then U.S. President George W. Bush claimed he had.

Parents and relatives of the dead British soldiers have been joined by many more calling for everything from impeachment of Blair to his prosecution for war crimes. But none of that is expected to happen — at least not as yet.

Clinton, increasingly becoming the Democratic presidential nominee, is out of the woods regarding prosecution. But she is not yet off the hook, as the FBI is now reopening its own investigation into her role in the Benghazi affair, in which the US Ambassador to Libya was brutally killed, along with others.

With only four months before Americans go to the polls and Clinton inching closer to becoming the first woman president in US history, the Republicans are pulling all stops to trump her. Reopening of the Benghazi investigation, therefore, cannot but prolong the shadow of doubt about her reliability that has dogged her for the past year.

But the lady with her eyes on returning to the White House, now sure she will not be prosecuted before November 4, is emboldened in her historic quest to trump The Donald.

Image of Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

The British are unlikely to punish Blair for his role in creating an unnecessary war that took over a hundred British lives in Iraq. He will be protected by the British Crown, in whose name he acted.

Clinton, however, will be left up to Uncle Sam. The favourite Establishment candidate, she has been the real Uncle Sam choice all along, even gaining support now against Drumpf from those Republicans who still so fiercely oppose him.

Obama has finally hit the road with the lady he opposed to win the Presidency eight years ago. He now says she is the most qualified person, man or woman, to be the next US President.

But Donald Drumpf has been trying harder than hard to look and sound more like Uncle Sam than the invisible man himself.

It is not yet clear whether The Donald will be able to continue to pay his free way all the way to the Oval Office, or whether The Hillary will get the majority of voting American women to not only shoot her up through the glass ceiling at the White House, but to equalize the presidential trophy count of the Clinton and Bush Dynasties.

While no one can yet say how good or bad history will now remember Blair, there is only one sure thing everyone in Britain knows – their next Prime Minister will be a woman. (I will even go as far as saying her name may be, just maybe, Theresa May.)

America women voters are expected to ensure the next US President is a woman, instead of a declared woman-hater. If Clinton wins and Theresa May becomes the second woman leader of Britain after Margaret Thatcher, it will change the gender balance at the top in both London and Washington.

And if Scotland breaks from the UK, the lady First Minister may become the first Scottish President. Joining Angela Merkel, they can change the way some big EU and NATO allies see things tomorrow, for better or for worse.

But even before speculating that far, there is no doubt today that the sniper killing of five police officers in Dallas will significantly change and alter the narrative in America, from protests to underline that Black Lives Matter to an endless distractive stream of conspiracy theories about why those now arrested decided to visit death on police officers — and during a Black protest.

In the end, Blair can walk free (from prosecution) and Clinton can walk freely (into the White House). But with the next UK Prime Minister having to urgently address the resurgence of racism following Brexit, some dark nights also await the next US President.

As it is, some 97% of US police officers have walked free after killing black victims in the past year. Blacks comprise only 12% of the US population, but comprised over 30% of all the thousands of US civilians killed by police officers in the past 12 months.

These statistics reflect a grim reality that will surely visit regular nightmares and daily dark shadows on the next occupant of the Oval Office at White House – man or woman.


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    Here again we can see the true character of these Evil Caucasian Christians; seeing how these murderers like Tony Blair, George Bush, Hillary Clinton commit murder of millions of Black and Brown People with such ease while they cling to Jesus and cause havoc around the Globe with White Supremacy.

    Anywhere one finds wars and killings, from Libya to Venezuela, you will find the fingerprints of the Great Satans England and America. Since emerging from the Caves and Caucasus Mountains of Europe, these Satanic Tribes of Caucasians have murdered and Exterminated billions of Native Peoples, including the Arawak, and Carib People, using the Bible and Missionaries like Michael Chastanet, and the other Colonial Settlers to suck the blood of the indigenous and Original People.

    Earl you keep mentioning the dead British invaders, but say nothing of the millions of innocent Iraqis that these Scumbags murdered. LET ME REMIND YOU WITH THIS CLIP BELOW.

    But let’s set the record straight, it was only one African American who killed these White Racist Police, in one of the most Racist States Texas, in this Nation of Racist and white supremacist, where unarmed Blacks, men women and children are murdered with impunity by these White Supremacist who are taught to hate Black People, while teaching their little children that God is a White man and Black People have no history, no name, no Religion except what the Caucasian has given them.





  2. /

    See, this is what is meant, when we hear, “THE WHITE MAN HAS A GOD COMPLEX.”

    This Caucasian Christian sees his image as the image of God, and he reasons, that he must be superior to people of Darker hues. The Negro on the other hand, like a Rick John Wayne and the character Cain/kane realizing that his big lip and nappy hair will never attain the “perfection” of the White Image, these mentally deranged Negroes seek acceptance and seek the approval for their worthless selves, finding comfort in the arms of the Caucasian woman, who has nothing in common with these negroes slaves or a shared history.

    Because of the self-hatred harboured by these mutants, they develop an intense hatred and envy for Africans who have broken the mental parameters set by miseducation, and like Stephenson in Django becomes the negroes that must be killed first in any uprising against oppression, as in the killing of Hayward Shepherd the Sambo at Harpers Ferry, Virginia on the night of October 16, 1859 in the Slave Rebellion led by John Brown. For his alerting the Slave owners of the Slave Rebellion, a 900 pound of Granite known as The Sambo’s Monument was erected to honor this treacherous Negro by the Daughters and Sons of the Confederacy.




  3. In reading Earl’s articles over the years, I think he would have been more truthful if his “Chronicles of A Chronic Chronicler” was changed to “Anthology of Standard Five Essays” – I know; not as catchy, but ultimately more truthfully descriptive!

    Earl’s writing style reminds me of primary school essays that were written with the sole proviso from the teacher that they be at least one page long; hence, they met the teacher’s low threshold with super-sized penmanship, and sentences padded with empty words. This is not surprising as Earl’s sources are the Association of Stenographers which are allowed to ply their trade in the US & UK, by the corporate press owned by the very same individuals who underwrite the faux democracy in the US & UK!

    Should Earl desire to become a real journalist, he would do well to emulate the writers on display at the following sites:

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