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What Did Melanin Ever Do To You?

Lil Kim before
Lil Kim before
Lil Kim after
Lil Kim after

I SAW something on both Facebook and Instagram that has left me to this minute still baffled. It was the ghost of one time top female rapper Lil Kim.

Okay, before thinking she is dead, no she is not but let’s just say that if the Creator was to come to earth looking for her, he would pass her tail straight because she is the complete opposite of what she originally looked like.

The once beautiful chocolate skinned, thick lipped, broad nosed boss of hip hop has now transformed herself into Barbie’s long lost short sister.

Yes, she has gone on to have unnatural looking whiter than Caucasian skin, blue eyes, razor sharp (slightly porkish looking) nose and straight blonde hair.

Now, I’m not usually one to judge one’s personal image choices. I truly am not because I believe in “to each their own” but this one not only freaked me out, it also brought back many memories of my short stint working at a local general store that sold everything from appliances to pharmaceuticals.

I spent the majority of my time working in the beauty section of that store and whilst I am not one to judge, I was almost floored on a number of occasions when I saw so many customers coming in looking just like our former black sister Kim.

Although I saw one or two men, women were the main customers who walked in with seemingly paper thin, ghostly, pale white skin that you could literally see through…veins and all.

These customers would come in to top up on their batches of bleaching creams which the store of course had in abundance.

From the time I saw the zombie like figures approach with their black knuckles and black feet/toes (because for some weird reason, they always forget the feet), I knew exactly what they were coming for and with pain in my heart, I would have to put on a smile, seeing that I was doing my job, and direct them to (and sometimes even guide them on) the strongest and fastest working products.

There are many things that I couldn’t understand then, I can’t understand now and I don’t think I will ever understand and this business of skin bleaching is high on that list.

We are all different thankfully and no one thinks the same but, the way I look at my skin, as well as the way that I look at the skin of black people and just go into complete awe because of how amazing our melanin rich pelts are, it hurts my brain trying to understand how people could hate theirs so much that they would want to change it.

And then we have the likes of Sammy Sosa, VybzKartel, Lil Kim and yes, I will say it, Michael Jackson… who are/were so influential and use that influence (intentionally in some cases like Kartel and unintentionally like some of the others) to encourage their sheep, I mean fans, to hate their black skin too.

After all, it’s 2016 right? Where we have the power to live whatever life we choose and so if we hate being black, for whatever reasons, we could just jump the black ship and swim over to the white ship to be Caucasian, besides, if our idols did it then they must be onto something and surely we can do it too?!

That trail of thinking, in my humble opinion is pure idiocy and my gosh, I feel sorry for the people who have to fight such personal demons.

I mean, could you imagine hating yourself so much? What must be going through these people’s minds when they see their skin? I literally can’t understand…my mind is boggled.

With the exception of that phony Rachel Dolezal who tried to claim that she was trans-racial, I have never seen a white person try to do whatever to their skin to be black.

Yes they tan and some over tan to get darker sun kissed skin but you don’t see them going full afro, big lips, big bum etc. (well they do but not all at once) to look like they were born black.

I can only blame it on mental illness…that is the only logical reason in my opinion behind this behaviour.

Meanwhile, there I am trying to go deeper into my black roots by chopping off all of my chemically relaxed hair and rocking my natural God given hair…man I love my black skin!

If I have to look for the silver lining, I would say it’s a good thing that the bleaching cream and cake soap were created because at this rate, it looks like some people would resort to trying to peel off their skin just to see the white layer under it…graphic I know but I would not be surprised.

I’m sorry if I seem to be rambling today but honestly, this matter has my mind scattered and if you were to look at the extent that people, our people go, to even in Saint Lucia look “socially acceptable” it would blow your minds too.

I know that this is none of my business and Lil Kim as well as all the individuals who bleach their skin have all the right in the world to do as they please with their bodies but I honestly can’t help but speak my mind on this matter especially now that black people are under the microscope more now than the past few decades.

I truly hope that this trend stays small to the point where people can clearly see what’s wrong with the picture and not see it as a norm.

Again, I am left to wonder, when will my people wake up and learn to love themselves for the flawless and amazing beings that they are?

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  1. /

    The only thing that concerns me is why are you so surprised by the actions of a people who have been victimized by White Supremacy, told that they never contributed a thing to Humanity, Told that God is Caucasian, the Angels are White, the master is white and to be beautiful you have to look Caucasian.

    You have the self-hating Negroes like a Black Pete Josie, who advocates that Chocolate colored women not be allowed to participate in beauty pageants because, “they are too black and uglier”, while Negroes like Rick John wayne and Derek Walcott dream and lust after the Pink Woman, leaving beautiful women like yourselves to do all you can, to make yourselves appealing to these mentally ill Negro mutants, by using all kinds of poison chemicals and hot irons to kill your beautiful hair to resemble the Caucasian woman , and have these pathetic Negro males “settle” for you because you are close enough to being white.

    We have been “Frankensteinized” with a Caucasian brain, and filled with self-hatred by a White God telling us every minute that to be perfect you must have Pale skin, a sharp nose, No Lips, and Dead Hair/blond. Instead of Columbus they gave us an honorary white man Derek Walcott Square to hail his success with the Caucasian English with all the trimmings, white woman and all..




  2. The Caucasian Christians with the help of a Caucasian God named Jesus have deliberately miseducated and destroyed the mind of the Black people. Even our beautiful Black women hate their beautiful hair, thinking that it is ugly, unless it is killed with the hot iron or chemicals to resemble the dead Caucasian hair. God is a Naked white man nailed to a post, who killed himself to save Black folk. Now just look at you in church begging a naked white God to save you, the Builders of Civilization.

    Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs related to Ugandans – DNA

    This year, Ugandans have witnessed the use of DNA tests to settle prominent public cases in the media concerning the paternity of children and of celebrities who have died. What has not been known to many people is the dispute concerning the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians by scholars in the 20th Century. This dispute has been solved scientifically by the DNA tests conducted on the mummies of the ancient Egyptians in 2012 and 2013.

    In December 2012, DNA tests were conducted on the mummies of Pharaoh Rameses III and his son, which proved that they belonged to human Y chromosome group E1b1a. This is the Y chromosome group of Sub Saharan Africans who speak Niger–Congo languages

    Sunni Patterson “Faith Ain’t Got No Eyes” At Black On Black Rhyme Tampa020111



  3. It has been a while and I cannot cite the following:
    During my university studies , a particular experimental research class participated in ice breaker drills by sharing obsure research references on unusual or obscure research studies. One classmate told of a study whose target population sample of African American girls.
    The experimental design utilized both girls who played with Barbie dolls and black dolls.
    When given the opportunity to choose between doll types as to which one they would like to be like (prettier etc.), Barbie won overwhelmingly.
    If I was a caucasian watching this DIMINUTIVE Kim misogynist freak on TV confidence in my acquired SUPERIORITY COMPLEX would soar to the stratosphere.
    All public figures have a societal and cultural responsibility to their group.
    Think of the exponential damage she is doing to young impressionable minds.
    She surpasses Trump , sympathizers for Southern Confederacy in derailing Black Cultural esteem.
    The Ku Klux Klan must be ROFL and pissing beer
    Sacre Bleu

  4. Too many of the black sisters seem to be obsessed of wanting to look white instead of being proud of who they are.
    Bleaching their fake purchased hair so that they appear blond. Spending hundreds of dollars buying fake straight caucasian hair while pretending it to be their own. Constantly running their fingers through it with great pride like it was their natural hair and feel proud of their maintainace of it. Bleaching their skins to look much fairer.
    Jealousy is one of the worst disease on earth and too many are guilty of that sin while pointing their fingers condemning others, but their actions and behavior are in parallel to their condemnations.
    I have no qualms with someone trying to beautify themself. However try to be more practical than fake.
    If one pretends to be that which they are not then mostly everything about them is fake.
    Show some pride in the manner that The Maker Created You.
    Be a little more humble and dignified.
    Otherwise don’t be too hasty to point that finger. In reality while we unknowingly point two fingers at someone, the other three points back towards us. Something to think about.

  5. To many of these “fake sisters” who easily condemn ” the brothers” for crossing the line when it come to relationships, indirectly encourages those behaviors because of the conflicting messages they send by making those choices in their personal lives. Not realizing that there is that traumatic effect of when it comes to “visiting their house, that there is a shocking difference between upstairs and downstairs, in my lady”s chambers.”
    Slight quote from ” goosey, goosey gander”
    Just saying and keeping it real.

  6. The shocking effect can be so traumatic that the frozen stalagmite undergoes immediate metamorphosis and turns into running water.

  7. Lil Kim in the mid-90s:” why don’t Black People take a break from killing each other,and go kill some White People”?………….. Bill Clinton back then was running for re-election with the onus of having been caught with his boxers on the floor; gave a vitriolic response to show white folks that he was capable of ‘handling’ Black People. Fast forward: black on black killings goes on!……could it be that Lil Kim is trying to survive??………

    1. If this is the kind of thing black people have to do to survive then they are lost never to be found full stop. You talk as if the world as it is pre-given or natural and that it cannot change for the better of mankind. That kind of resignation is so defeatist that it emerges a lethal weapon against the downtrodden. Its like you are telling them don’t even try because things will never change. The implications of this are so grave I shudder to think of them for if Lil Kim have to go to such lengths to survive today how far will the next have to go to survive? Surely Lil Kim have not gotten the message of liberation if she has then she is living in denial. But something tells me it is not too late to see and recognize Africa.

  8. Those who don’t want to believe the pyramids are the work of no other than Africans can firstly look in Ethiopia and some other parts of Africa and there they will also find pyramids. If Africans did not build them who did? If you tell me they were build by Europeans then answer this: did they leave their freezing lands go the warm lands of Africa, build these wonders and after they were finished crawl back to their freezing holes in Europe and left all that behind?


      Here’s your answer given by the Dr. James Manning to his congregation in NYC. and my question is why have the perverts in the Catholic church not told Black people to stop praying to that Naked white man as their God?





  9. /

    Black men and women have been , and are today being taught that something is wrong with them physically, and that they are mentally inferior, having contributed nothing to the betterment of the human race. This is accomplished by way of mis-education, and the Religion of white supremacy Christianity’s teaching, especially by way of imagery, that the loving, All-Powerful God of Creation is a Caucasian Male. This assault upon the dignity of people of African Ancestry is reinforced through the T.V., and movies that saturate the screens with scumbags like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since the PERFECT ONE is pale skinned, blond hair, thin lipped, with witch-like features, there is an implied message that the SHABIN is closer to perfection than the chocolate colored person, and the more removed you are from Caucasian Features, the more removed from the white standard of perfection you are, and the more ugly and evil you are; SKIN BLEACHING IS THE ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS OF THE NEGROES.

    This work of Evil has infected the whole planet, and therefore, the Arabs, are superior, to the Indians, and the Chineses are superior to the dark Africans because of this Enormous Evil implemented in the doctrine of God having a Son – it matters not if you painted God black, you will always see a Caucasian God.

    This Evil is administered to the black community, with the complicity of Negro Traitors like Rick John Wayne, Black Pete Josie, Sara Flood, Rigobert, Linus Clovis, Rivas, Patrick Anthony, and the litany of Negroes who have sold their souls to get a bed in the Homeless shelter called the Presbytery, where these perverts spend their lives masturbating, consuming alcohol, and watching porn to compensate for their socially maladjusted mental illness, brought about by their fear of the adult female, even as they have perfected pedophilia.

    All these men who participate in the worship of this naked Caucasian as their God while praying to lunatics like Mother Teresa and Saint Patrick, are the sickest and most serious impediment to the liberation of the Black man today.

    When Negroes behold a Negress with her hair chemicalized of hot-ironed, they complement these pathetic self-haters, why? because her hair when killed with chemicals/perms more closely resembles the dead hair of the Caucasian – “Oh, you have such nice hair” these enemies of Black people say, and now a days, with the fake weaves and rope for hair the negroes go insane.

    We will stop this oppression when we understand, what makes a Black Pete josie and his second, Rick John Wayne, and a Derek Walcott hate the Black African Beauty and go lusting after a Pale shapeless Caucasian woman.





  10. vatican says Jesus must have been drunk when he promised to return for his disciples.

    “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.”

    A SPOKESPERSON for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

    Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this years 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth.

    “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it.” he said. “It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.”

    Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again in chapter John 14:1-3 of the bible: “There are many homes up where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly”

    The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments.

    “Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.”

    The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.

    1. Could you please imagine A DRUNK GOD? I could not have imagined this God being any worse after he committed suicide. Now GOD was DRUNK? A FUKKING WINENO? THIS is just too much garbage religion. A DRUNK GOD? How much more of this nonsense can you people stomach?

  11. To those of you who the cap fits. Will always condemn the white man but your actions speak volume of your envy of him.
    That deadly sin is so obvious that you will go to great lengths to imitate every aspect of his life. Even when he makes bad choices.
    He tattoos himself and you quickly follow, he pierces various body parts and you try to out do him while damaging your perfect body. He commits unbelievable acts of crime and you are more than eager to do imitate..
    So where is your self identity? You never had one? You never considered yourself whole? You feel incomplete by not being white?
    Firstly see yourself as a human being first and a race second. Any other approach will make you consider yourself as either being superior or inferior to others, race included.
    That was never the intent of your Creator. You ought to know better. He Blessed you with certain level of intelligence. Use it wisely.
    Your ancestors never saw themselves that way. So why should you?
    I do not want to hear your sick and lame excuses. They are numberless.
    No one is entitled to a free passage in life. One has to be tested to prove their worth to their Creator.
    Whatever Bible you read teaches you so though the examples of others mentioned and how they never succumb to evilness or temptation.
    When they did they sacrificed their life in repentance. It is time you take up that torch and lead by example.
    Enough of your excuses. Start living a clean, respectful and humble life if you desire joy, peace and complete freedom.
    No human being can strip you of those inate emotions once you embark on a spiritual journey not seeking material or earthly possessions as a measuring tool of your success in this life.
    These lusts will rid you of your spirit and replace it with hate, envy, jealousy ,self pity and constant self attention.
    Make yourself free. Live thankfully for every day that you live to see and share that day with total joy and enthusiasm with anyone that you come into contact with. Smile to them. You may save a life by that simple act.
    You will be amazed of the inner joy you will begin to experience once you realize that you are the only person responsible for your total joy. Which you should then share with others to make life complete.

  12. Speak truthfully and honestly at all times. Never with malicious intent. Only the weak will see you as a threat. For their heart is as cold as ice and they want you to be like them. Never let the fear of your life replace truth or honesty. That is when you become mentally imprisoned.
    The weak and evil may destroy your body but they can never touch your soul. For it is protected by your Creator. Whosoever you choose him to be from the teachings of the Bible that you read and practice.

  13. We witness rape and robberies through that demon we placed in our homes called the television. And our young man are more than eager to violate their sisters and put that cold weapon to their brothers and sisters head to reinact these very crimes of robbery because they idolize those evil acts the see and accuse the white man of committing.
    Then we are eager to blame the white man for our actions.
    When did he forcefully have us perform these vicious acts against each other?
    No, you are the ones guilty of your vicious acts. Stop looking for am easy way out by blaming others. Even your mode of thinking and reasoning are similar to him. That I how badly you long for his acceptance of you. Subconsciously you worship him even though you are in denial.

  14. JULIUS! Someone in this blog is saying repeatedly, that the Black people are sick in the head, yet you somehow fail to see the attachment, and validity of this communication in the light of the effects of slavery and white religion, and your failure to recognize this point, proves that blacks are really sick in the head.

    If you are not sure, just read Sam’s opinions.

  15. /

    I have been telling you all along, that these Priests are a Perverted bunch.

    The Vatican Just Put a Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish
    This may be the worst case we’ve ever seen. What does a priest have to do to get kicked out of the Catholic Church?

    ROME — Just what is it that the Vatican does not get about predator priests? Apparently a lot.
    Father Joseph Jeyapaul is a priest from India who admitted to raping two adolescent girls in Minnesota when he served the Crookston diocese from 2004 to 2005.
    After being charged with the abuse, which included rape and forcing at least one of the girls to perform fellatio on him, he fled home to India, where he was eventually arrested on an Interpol warrant. He was then extradited back to Minnesota, where he admitted his heinous crimes and entered a plea bargain in which, in exchange for a lighter sentence, he copped to molestation of one of the girls.

    Jeyapaul was suspended from the priesthood and served a year and a day in prison in Minnesota, then was deported back to India after his release last July. The Minnesota diocese where he worked also settled a civil lawsuit with the victims in which one accused him of systematic abuse in the confessional of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Greenbush, Minnesota, where he would then tell the girl it was her fault, that she had made him “impure.”


  16. My brothers. I do not come to this wonderful site to pass judgement on others, especially from a race view point even if some of my comments will prove me wrong in many instances. This is not my mission. I am in no place or position to challenge ” My Creator’s selections of choice.” when he Created all races.
    Rather, I come here to challenge the integrity and intentions of man from a “true spiritual standpoint” so as to make us better humans.
    History has already proven and documented the sins, abuse and degregation of all races on tho earth. Be it against others or their very own. The black man included. To think otherwise that we blacks are totally innocent of atrocities is to be in complete denial.
    I come in search of true “disciples, apostles’ who are willing to sacrifice their lives, even as we struggle within our selves, simply human, so as to better all human lives. We have that ability and capability. Let us use those to tear down all oppressors.
    I continue to come here because this is one of the few places that I see glimpses of individuals that are clean in moral characters and whose intentions are honorable.
    I an hoping that with our collective efforts we can clean up some of the mess created by others and make this world a better place.
    That is my one and only reason for blogging.
    Others will quickly judge me otherwise, but representing truth, honesty and justice comes with that price.
    Already there has been much too much hatred and murders in life, spread mostly by the educated, for they take on the role of leaders and preachers.
    I refuse to join forces with them. Never let anyone spread their seeds of hatred or anger into your hearts,irrespective of their race or color. If you do, you become them and they have already won the battle before it got started.
    The world is extremely beautiful. It is we humans that make it a foul place to live.

  17. Go back and read the words and stance of the late great Brother Nelson Mandela after being freed from his thirty years of imprisonment and gained power and control. Especially when the inquisition was establish and bain stormed various ways of dealing with his past abusers, tortures and violators of himself and of black people.
    Notice the transformation of Africa today because of his recommendations and practices.
    That is what made him the faint he became among men. His ability to see beyond these criminal minded individuals and not stopping to their levels to repeat their past histories with similar treatment of them in return by his government.
    That is his true greatness. His ability to forgive and move forward.
    People are probably unaware of the fact that in his stand for total equality and respect of humans, though the emphasis was on blacks due to the time and era, he was seen and listed as the world number one terrorist by all leading nations of the world for his stand. That piece of information us well documented.
    Let us use him as our inspiration to cleanse this world of evil leaders, preachers, teachers and manipulators, using our voice and our fingers on the key boards as our deadly weapons.

  18. Brother Fidel Castro another one of the few true humanitarians in our life never gave in one inch to his oppressors America . Nor The Soviet Union when they tried to seized the opportunity in his stance against America, to corrupt his mind with their tactics, ideologies and mind control methods. He was left standing alone and punished beyond measures by both nations whose agenda were totally in opposition to his plans and visions..
    He is also one of the greatest leaders ever to live, along with John F.Kennedy and Nelson Mandela.
    They all sacrificed their lives for the betterment of all humans.
    We can follow in their footsteps.

  19. JULIUS your contributions to expanding the dialogue is well noted and your advices appreciated, so thanks for your good. This forum is known for its brutal honesty, and the weak impostors seems to die or simple accepted the raw reality since truth is always victorious.

  20. TIME. I ask nothing less. I also observed that behavioral style when I first started reading some of the blogs and was very impressed.
    Off the record, (smile) one added comment.
    Can’t say the same for St.Lucia News online. I was dismembered there for being blunt and truthful without any explanation. Twice.
    Threatened to exposed them of their double standards and did via facebook. They still remove many of my blogs if I go directly to their website.
    Bunch of weak hearts, whimps and dictators who constantly cry wolf to have their own way. This site does allow freedom of speech and expression.
    They practice what they preach.
    Thanks again Time, for your honesty.


    Nelson Mandela is not one of my Heroes. Whenever Caucasians honor a Black man he has sold out his own people and interest to the pirates. Why do you hear nothing of Winnie Mandela ? She’s the real heroine. Nelson allowed 99% of South Africa’s wealth to be kept by the Pirates.

    In 1994, at the end of apartheid, almost 90 percent of the land in South Africa was owned by white South Africans. In 2006, 70 percent of South Africa’s land was still owned by whites, despite promises by the African National Congress to redistribute 30 percent of the land from whites to Blacks. Recently, government officials announced that the 2014 deadline for shifting one-third of the country’s land from white farmers to Black residents has been postponed until 2025.





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