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What About The Child?

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WITH the unforgiving masses on social media calling for blood and for the head of the infamous “Bride of Chucky” to roll, has anyone at all stepped away from the noise of the crowd to wonder about her child?

You’re probably holding your hands up by now and saying stuff like “Mmmm, How is us uh?” or “she should have thought of her child before she allegedly killed a man.” Or better still: “Not my circus, Not my monkeys” (in other words, she’s not your child so she’s not your problem and it is not your place to worry about her). We should just let the state deal with her…. Right?!?!

Let me ask you this…did this child choose her parents? Did she ask to be born? At the age of seven, do you think that she will live a “normal” life knowing all what we claim her mother has done? Worse yet, in this unforgiving society that we live in, do you think that this child, near a baby still, will have a chance in this life with everyone constantly talking about or reminding her of what a “devil” her mother is?

This isn’t the 80s, the 90s or even the early 00s where you do something, be it superb or horrific and the legacy of your act is simply filed away in the minds of the people who witnessed or heard about it. No, this is the age of technology where everything is registered and immortalised. So although the hype will eventually die down, it will forever be perfectly preserved just waiting to be relived at the click of a mouse.

Your hatred towards her mother, the person who gave her life will forever be there for her to see, to eat away at her, to make her feel sub-human, to make her feel like the spawn of the devil herself…I mean, how can one so young see the light and think anything positive of herself when the person who brought her into this world is considered to be one of the worst persons alive, a menace, a murderer, evil? Surely nothing good can come from that…. right?

Now you mature readers (I’d like to think that you are but then again, I’m a hopeless optimist) and I know differently. We know that all hope is not lost for her and that with intensive counselling and proper guidance, this child can rise against her odds and live a positive life, but try telling her that now.

I have been informed that the child is already showing signs that she might be troubled as she gets into fights at school and has a questionable attitude and so the cycle has already begun.

With her showing these signs, the average person will simply turn up their nose, say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, turn their backs and run as far away as possible.

Now tell me, with her already receiving this kind of treatment, are my concerns farfetched ramblings?

This child must be terrified, embarrassed, lonely, feeling so unloved, angry…in need of a long and strong hug and some much needed love and attention.

The “not my child, not my problem” attitude in this case and in so many similar cases is what is wrong with society today as we fail to realise that these children that we turn our backs on and shun, they are the same ones who we will have to face later on in life when they have turned into misfits, thieves, murderers and psychopaths.

We shun them now but we will be forced to face them head on when they come after us in our houses, work places and on the streets.

We punish them for the crimes of their parents and ignore their pleas for help but we fail to realise that those are the same people that our children, the next generation will come in contact with, socialise with and they are the same ones who could even end up influencing our children.

Why don’t we step away from the noisy crowds and instead of throwing stones at the mother, look at the child and do like we did back in the day when a village raised a child?

Instead of showing this child how much her mother is hated and that she is the “Seed of Chucky,” Shhh, quieten down and place our attention on the innocent party here, this seven year old who does not deserve what her mother has already forced on her.

Let’s forget about Melissa and leave her in the hands of the courts and the Almighty and let’s focus on the one place where there is still hope, the child.

Instead of allowing her to be her mother’s replacement, the next menace to society, let’s help her rise above what is in store for her and change her fate so that when we do run into her in the future, it is for positive reasons.

Let’s focus on this child so that as opposed to her stabbing and robbing people when she is older, she is instead the nurse or doctor tending to us or our children, that she is the teacher to our grandchildren, that she is one who escaped the net of negativity.

Please don’t tell me that I am living in a fool’s paradise because I know that a positive future for this child is possible.

Melissa failed her child and that is on her conscience to live with but this is where we as a society needs to step in as her future, believe it or not just might end up playing a huge role in our future and our children’s…whether it is a good role or a bad role is up to us!

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