Wellness Centre Gets NWU Ultimatum

THE National Mental Wellness Centre has up to Thursday to put its house in order or else its employees will undertake a certain course of action.

So noted the National Workers Union yesterday in a letter to the Centre’s Executive Director, Mrs. Charmaine Thomas.

The letter informed the director of deteriorating working conditions at the Centre and that workers are being ordered to handle dirty and otherwise unhygienic linen and move internal garbage.

Mrs. Thomas was informed that the hospital compound is not adequately fenced and therefore could easily attract would be criminal elements who would like to gain access to the property. The NWU said security officers not have any means to communicate with those in authority in the event of a serious crisis at the institution.

“The Union has given an ultimatum of Thursday, for the Centre to settle those outstanding matters, failing which the employees will discontinue facilitating the implementation of instructions that are not in keeping with the nature of their jobs. The NWU is of the opinion that the Mental and Wellness Centre cannot continue to operate without the required complement of human resource,” the Union’s President General, Tyrone Maynard said.

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