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Stray Dogs

The Editor:
I am compelled to write this letter which I have put off for far too long. It’s about the stray dogs at Pigeon Island which mess along the beaches that locals and visitors use for recreation.

On Tuesday morning about six stray dogs attacked an early morning walker near the Landings. This could have been fatal had it not been for a stone throwing Good Samaritan who came to the young woman’s rescue. In light of this incident and to make certain it does not recur, I’ve got two suggestions: Gather up all these stray dogs and give them to farmers who may need them to help protect their crops and other property, or, put them to sleep. Let those who feed these stray dogs find other animals to feed. That should be a win-win situation for all concerned, beach users, early morning walkers and the kind people who feed these stray dogs.

–Animal and people lover.

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