Sports Academy Goes Self Defense

FOLLOWING a successful showing at the St.Lucia Grand Prix Swimming Championship last month at the Rodney Height Aquatic Centre, Sports Academy St.Lucia’s wheels are in motion again, this time for a bit of self defence.

According to Sue Dyson who is responsible for Marketing and Public Relations for the Academy said, the training sessions will commence today at the Centre from 6:00 p.m.

Dyson said, “Self Defence is important to all women as they live with a certain level of risk of violent crime. Statistics show that a woman now 21 years old has a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime”.

The various training sessions will be under the watchful eyes of Master Allan Giffard, 6th Dan.

The programme includes stretches, aerobic kicking and striking, exercise (with pads and shields.), releases from grabs and locks, mat work and self- defence, striking drills, applied locks and holds self-defence techniques, self-defence hand to hand defence, blocking and striking drills. Hand manipulation lock drills ( for grabs and holds) and self-defence against knives and clubs.

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