Soufriere Awards Ceremony Tomorrow

MORNE Coubaril in Soufriere will be the site tomorrow for awarding excellence in that community. For the first time, the Soufriere Youth and Sports Council) in collaboration with the Soufriere Football League will produce a formal event to reward outstanding athletes, academic, and social front-runners of the community.

Public Relations Officer of the SYSC, Nicole Cazaubon says: “The Soufriere Youth and Sports Council has recognized that there is sporting talent and also persons in the community who have been excelling in the various disciplines, but who do not get recognized at the national level. It’s for this reason we decided to have an awards ceremony where we would reward persons in our community who have done well”

The Soufriere Youth and Sports Awards will see the delivery of 30 awards in various categories including ‘Lifetime Achievement’, ‘Youth of the Year’, ‘Youth Entrepreneurship’, and ‘Affiliate of the Year’ Awards.

Cazaubon noted that the awards will also highlight the stellar academic performance of Soufriere’s students. The top performer in the Common Entrance examination for district 8, and the top CSEC performer from the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School will receive special awards as part of this initiative.

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