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Rick Wayne…. A Nemesis?

Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

I’VE known Rick Wayne for much longer than the length of my political journey might suggest. I’ve always admired his energy, his determination and his professionalism. For this reason and perhaps because he shares with my mother’s maternal family the little village of Laborie, I think we share a love for the written (and spoken) word – the English Language version. It also explains the reason I make a point of reading his weekly Star newspaper even when they were once used by his former political pretenders, to attack me. I prayed then, that time would help him discover who the real political imposters are.

His ‘Writings on the Wall’ in last weekend Star newspaper was filled with newsworthy tidbits that his readers may have missed during the regular radio and television news broadcasts. Amidst his writings last weekend, Rick delivered an imagined juicy soft ball, to whet the appetites of those who may wish to probe beyond his carefully punctuated words.

First was his reference to US President Obama last State of the Union address captioned – ‘Democracy demands bonds of trust between citizens,’ in which the writer cleverly reminded us of the apparent narcissism and other peculiarities of his island’s political leader. He referenced the next general elections here that, that leader had declared to his tribe was to be a contest between them and the Chastanets – the father and son family who had earlier fed and befriended him and helped him to political power and fame.

Rick being Rick could not end without reminding his readers the many faux pas of that lost leader since assuming office, as Prime Minister. The fault may well be with the over enthusiastic minions who have crowned him ‘Grande Duke of the Minions, Lord of the Manor, and Emperor and Legal Luminary par excellence. He must be careful though, that he does not run out of place on his bulbous jacket to carry these unsolicited medals.

Trust Rick! There would be more. Rick had smelt blood. An EU delegation to the island held a scheduled press conference, subsequent to its meeting with the island’s Prime Minister. The meeting was a follow up to a press release in December 2015 in which the EU had demanded that the legal process on the IMPACS report continue unimpeded, or words to that effect. Justice should be allowed to flow, even though the heavens fall.

That press conference focused on what was disclosed by the visiting EU, UK and French delegation. Rick seemed happy to inform his readers that he had made a special effort to be at that press conference, ‘especially as I expected Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister to be in attendance,’ to quote the writer’s own words.

My first reaction was: ‘Really, Rick? How could you have expected the cowardly Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to make himself available when he seems so determined to hide behind the IMPACS smoke screen. Besides, on more than one occasion, Rick had laid bare the worthlessness of words such as transparency and openness spoken by political opportunists. My imagined conversation with Rick having ended, I asked myself why a proclaimed legal luminary shouldn’t seize the opportunity of a press conference by his foreign guests, to engage the local press

Had he done so, it would have been a master stroke. Using the cover of his influential guests he may have secured the requisite decorum, while avoiding embarrassing accusatory questions from an emboldened local press. He could have opted to be present if only to introduce his guests, being careful to say that he would not ‘steal’ the time allotted them and that he would take only one or two questions at the end. Unfortunately, the Emperor and Legal Luminary (Grande Duke of the Minions) did not profit the opportunity to recover his lost clothing or his fast evaporating dignity.

But seriously, the Prime Minister should have been present at the press conference if only to hearken back to a time when his office arranged cricket matches between the local media which seemed determined to extend their honeymoon for as long as it was politically expedient and humanly possible so to do.

There are to be certain, some persons who think that Rick was being factious when he said he expected the Prime Minister (PM), at the press conference. I disagree. His presence may have given him an opportunity to refine his wild statements on IMPACS and the role he alleges that persons such as Guy Mayers and others might have played. Of course, that same duplicitous tongue subsequently ignored the name ‘Guy Mayers’ for lack of traction with his minions, and instead resorted to his favourite father and son nemesis, this time focusing only on the son – Allen.

Based on his continuous dodging from the local press, your readers may wish answers to the following questions: ‘Prime Minister, when did you first meet Jufalli and where? How many times have you met with him? When did you make the decision to appoint Juffali as Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to the IMO? Is Jufalli a citizen of Saint Lucia by investment and, if yes, how much has he invested on the island? If he has no investments here, what qualifies him to be Ambassador? Can Juffali contribute more to Saint Lucia’s development than Britain? What was the real reason you denied London’s request to lift diplomatic immunity from Ambassador Jufalli?

Finally, two more questions: Would John Compton have lifted diplomatic immunity from Juffali as requested? What would George Odlum do to expose the truth about the government and Juffali? Thankfully, Rick Wayne is there to ‘bring the truth to light’ and play the role as ‘nemesis of errant politicians.’


    1. WOW!!
      Thanks SOM. That was more delicious than Homemade Soufriere style Hot Cocoa and bakes on a winter stormy day night in the Big Apple.
      Thanks a million
      I will replay for as many of my colleagues as is possible>

  1. Peetar!
    Camoflaged behind Carasco’s THONGS-again;
    instead of trying out your own French Hi Cut Vitoria Secret lace & frills……………
    I anticipated that your ode to the Legendary Windies test cricketers -last week- was a literary ruse in our poliotical chess match.
    I was so pleased when from the onset Dr. Optical dimissed it as BOVINE MANURE- rightfully so!
    I recall when the legendary artististe Dunstan St. Omer passed away,
    you garnished his prestige on to your vile villainous plate of character traits
    by suggesting that you were a select “art intern” receiving quality mentoring time from him – during your SMC years of study.
    In your book of broken dreams you did the same thievery of proximity juxtaposition, by suggesting quality time spent with the great Worrell – at UWI St Augustine.
    I did want to comment on your UNFAIR comparison of the SOBERS et al championshiop teams to that of the current Windies teams.
    You failed to invoke that the winning Sobers, khani, Gibbs, et al teams represented the first great reawakening of a unified Federation of Caribbean states.
    There were many in London, Canada, and all the pro federation islands who lived through the dismay of a bombastic bustamante busting of the Federation .
    Oh! What unified joy as all caribbean folks pumped their fists and chests towards the celestial realm-
    as the windies team stood up MANFULLY- to England and Austrailia.
    It was if they were screaming for a national team.
    Nothing has come so close to Caribbean elixir of Federation – not CARICOM, OECs et al
    Worrell was a time when follks across the Caribbean truly hungered to hunker down in a shared bunker to take on tjhe aftermath of post colonialism -even as we now know in hindsight that the Bank of England and its Rothchild central banking monolith had earmarked the Caribbean to a different form of hacienda / modern plantation subjugation.
    Let me offer an insight into just how this works :
    The great Jamaican Bauxite industry that Bustamante ass-umed would give the BIG island perpetual financial solvency and economic supremacy amongst its Caribbean neighbors-
    was limited to extraction industries on island.
    In other words Jamaica earned- at best- fair market value for its extruded DIRT.
    The more lucrative plants and ability to make all aluminum or alluminum alloy engines for luxury cars and jet planes were located in US -Germany et al
    Not even the the cheap Reynolds wrap by product was made in Jamaica.
    I shall elaborate no more- – you do the micro economics analysis
    Jump to today’s windies team. High salaries alone cannot motivate a true warrior.
    One must have either spiritual purpose (the SOM comes to mind) and or Nation building fervor ( Dr. Optical comes to mind).
    When youth are raised in oppressed sujugated neo colonial climates and must face the glaring limelight of facing off against the gladiators representing nations that formerly and currently impinge on their economic or political weoll being – well are we surprised of the inherent FUGUE states.
    Are these players provided with ancilliary counseling services before -during and after test matches.
    How about attempts to inculcate a ‘federated” view of Caribbean unification among the younger current players from diverse island “nations”? They have none of the advantages of a hunger for federation as did the millions who lent their spirits to the bats and balls of Sobers, Wes Hall, Khani, Gibbs et al.
    Alas, that unified spirit is crushed, n’est pas and maintained by the divisive, deceitful boloms like Josie…..oui!
    The Sobers Worrell teams had the spirit of all the caribbean under their wings. little boys in Saint Lucia wanted to spin a ball like Lance Gibbs. They wanted to field and bat like Rohan khani..
    This is where your Venn Diagram of the Windies teams should have led readers
    but your tortured attempts to reduce our nations leaderb to your demonic labrynith- always gets the better of you.
    You are paid in silver to do the devil’s works and pomps…………………oui!

  2. Peetar
    And now let’s examine your caca chien utilizing Ricky Wayne as block /cover.
    First of all your”john Wayne” does not carry nor strut “deux Bon-DaH’ like our Yul Bryner in The Magnificent Seven.
    At best he is a glossy lung fish -master of the art of spitting mud balls.
    A pseudo investigative journalist……………………………..Walter Cronkite and Murray bergtraum are dead!
    You Peetar are showing parasitic traits and acting more like a feeding paramecium.
    I am convinced that you suffer from a loss of father syndrome.
    I would pay handsomely to get the verbatim transcript of the conversations that transpired between you and your FATHER- when you impregnated an out of wed lock virgin girl –
    before you graduated from St Mary’s college.
    Your writings on this paper show a major DISCONNECT to the reality of current youth issues.
    Is this callous disregard based on the catharsis of that pungent encounter with daddy as you explained why your likkle head (scrotum) ruled your big head (cranium).
    In your Broken Dreams book, you left readers to imagine the anger, dissappointment of Daddy’s huge investment in you,
    – not forgetting the headmaster and famous teacher at VFort Boy’s school who gave you additional preparation to pass the SMC entrance exams.
    YOU failed them all, for some teenage nooky on Vigie Beach or the bushes between Lanse Road and the Back of Darling Road -the shortcut across the Conway heights-favored by favored by adventure minded SMC boys, on their way home thru central Castries.
    You dropped out of SMC only because the pregnant girl’s father had a “shotgun ” of (pay up to support her or die ) ultimatum on your head!
    This dual catharsis -your father’s angry dejection of your immoral conduct and loss of investment
    and your baby -mother father’s dire life threat, paved the way for you to become a destitute disciple of your satanic majesties….oui!
    Your underdevelopes ego was smashed to smithereens by two paternal SUPEREGOS- no wonder you cling to Ricky as Significant other- to replace them
    How easy for a dejected garcon to dream of the ruling class…by any means possible!
    How easy to sell a true moral prophet and trusted companion- for thirty pieces of silver.
    I shall return to your own book -later
    Is this the reason why you hate Vieux-Fort -your umbilical birthplace- so vehemently!
    At first, I thought it was your Labor party shenanigans BUT your book confirms that it was the BITTER split between you and your bio FATHER over poor control of your C*ck that commenced the trajectory of your chronic madness.
    By the by, will some “investigative’ blogger confirm the age of the impregnated young lady- during your fall from grace at SMC?.
    Given the fondness for SMC jocks to scour the bush for younger lassies, I won’t be surprised if she was under 18 when you impregnated her.
    Too bad its only a moral crime and not a criminal code violation-then.

  3. /

    What a snapshot ! “Peetar! Camoflaged behind Carasco’s THONGS-again;” Then add this NUTSHELL : Leary Carasco John Wayne, “At best he is a glossy lung fish -master of the art of spitting mud balls. A pseudo investigative journalist…” and a Match-bomb firecrackers thrower attention seeker, who seem to have captured the admiration of a lustful licentious admirer who like the his idol has no limits on fornication and anilingus acts.

    I repeat some statements I made referencing the real NARSISSIST John Wayne in the Stan Bishop’s article on IMPACS:

    ” Of course the Negro Ninny Rick John Wayne could not pass up the opportunity to insult the intelligence of the people of this island, by telling us that it was because Dr. Anthony informed the citizens of St. Lucia that this cabal of KILLER COPS had developed a list of names for individuals marked for extermination, that the EU sent a delegation to insist that prosecutorial action be taken against these KILLER COPS.

    I wonder what other fictitious claims will this male stripper Rick John Wayne attribute to the USA severing all association with this Cesspool of Killers known as RSLPF ? You see people, long before there was something known as IMPACS, Nations of the world were aware of the MURDERS and ASSASSINATIONS committed by Pinochet Francois and his cabal of KILLER COPS, but this idiot Rick John Wayne, a victim himself of Anabolic Steroids, and prone to violence, snatching and striking guest with microphones, will practice his deception openly, thinking that we are incapable of seeing through his scurrilous attack on Dr. Anthony.

    This Treacherous Narcissist, states how disappointed he is, that the EU delegation took Dr. Anthony’s words at “Face Value” . What this worthless traitor is really saying is, if there is no meaningful action taken by Kenny against Francois, his cabal of KILLER COPS, and the Businessman behind these murders, economic sanctions should be imposed against the people of St. Lucia to destroy their already fragile economy and make the poor people suffer even more than they are at this time.

    This self-hating Negro Narcissist – not an oxymoron – a disease that has afflicted three people in the history of mankind, Rick John Wayne being one of the victims, should be arrested and charged with Treason, and Sedition”

    Here we see the Businessman calling for the murder of Black men in St. Lucia:



  4. /

    Why do the people of this island not know the reason Lucians continue to pray to dead people like Mother Teresa and Peter, Paul, and Mary ?? Not to mention the dead Caucasian nailed to a post, dripping a never ending supply of “precious” blood from every orifice of his anatomy??

    In the event you never thought about it, be aware, that it is because of the bogus reporters and CIA agents like a Ricky John Wayne who changed his name from Carasco to the Caucasian homosesual John Wayne, whose real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison, because Carasco was not “WHITE” enough, and goes around the world proclaiming, “I am Roman Catholic, and an Honorary white Member of the British Empire – I kid you not! What kind of Negro does that ?? One on Anabolic Steroids made in Labowee.

    Instead of informing the people of this island about the evil of worshiping the image of a dead Caucasian man as their God and the Owner of the Visible, Invisible, and KNOWN Galaxies, spanning Light Years across the Cosmos – observe that I modified Galaxies with “KNOWN”, because the Universe has been expanding ever since Allah commanded it into existence, and the more we expand our vision into the heavens the more Galaxies we see/find. The Doppler Shift utilized by Edwin Hubble proved the Quran was correct when Allah told us that He was expanding the Universe some 1400 years ago when Allah revealed in the Quran:
    Surah Adh-Dhariyat
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

    With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to expand the vastness of space thereof. (47) 


    Dark matter is the second most prevalent substance that comprises our existence, but we hardly know anything about it. NASA explains Dark Matter makes up a significant percentage of what we call the Universe, whereas roughly 70 percent is the as-yet-unknown “dark energy.” Only about 5 percent of the universe is normal matter, like gas, dust and even whole planets, and scientists believe that normal matter forms where filaments of dark matter intersect throughout the cosmos. This is the reason Allah tells us that Space is Not an empty vacuum:

    Surah Ad-Dukhan
    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
    We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them merely in (idle) sport: (38) 
    We created them not except for just ends: but most of them do not understand. (39) 

    To begin to understand how these Pseudo Journalist like John Wayne and his boyfriend Black Pete Josie continues to keep you in ignorance, take a look around you; you live in the Milkyway Galaxy, a creation with a diameter of some 120,000, yes thousands of Light Years. What is a light year ? If you multiply these numbers starting with the speed of light One hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second:

    186,000 miles/sec X 60 sec/min X 60 min/ hr X 24 hr/day X 365 day/yr. Seconds cancels sec, min cancels min, hr cancels hrs, days cancels days and you are left with miles /year; that number is a Light Year.

    One would think that if these Negro Slaves like John Wayne, Black Pete Josie, Patrick Anthony from Fond Le Gwan, and the effeminate Linus Clovis, had your interest at heart, instead of the little paycheck for which they have sold their souls to Lucifer, they would expose Lucians to the Quran; the most read book in the Universe, recited five times daily by billions of Muslims. How many of you have even seen or heard the Quran recited in its original language ? Do you think this is accidental ? Or a deliberate plan to keep you reading a contaminated Satanic Book called Bible, written by an Evil Homosexual King James who practiced homosexual incest all his life, telling you:

    Colossians 3:22:

    Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.

    Save yourselves and your families from these corrupt agents of the CIA headed by Chastanet and the Negro savages drinking blood and eating the body of another human being they say is God’s Son and God at the same time. I leave you with this translation from the Quranic scriptures called The Dominion/Mulk
    Surah Al-Mulk
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things. (1)

    Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed.[] And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving; (2)

    Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creation of the Most Gracious. Then look again: “Can you see any rifts?” (3)

    Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out (4)

    And indeed We have adorned the nearest heaven with lamps, and We have made such lamps (as) missiles to drive away the Shayâtin (devils), and have prepared for them the torment of the blazing Fire (5)

    And for those who disbelieve in their Lord (Allâh) is the torment of Hell, and worst indeed is that destination (6)

    When they are cast therein, they will hear the (terrible) drawing in of its breath as it blazes forth (7)

    It almost bursts up with fury. Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper will ask: “Did no warner come to you?” (8)

    They will say: “Yes indeed a warner did come to us, but we belied him and said: ‘Allâh never sent down anything (of revelation), you are only in great error.'” (9)

    And they will say: “Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!” (10

    So they acknowledge their sins; but far removed (from mercy) are the dwellers in the flames. (11)

    Lo! those who fear their Lord in secret, theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward. (12) 

    And keep your opinion secret or proclaim it, lo! He is Knower of all that is in the breasts (of men). (13) 

    Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtile, the Aware. (14) 

    He it is Who hath made the earth subservient unto you, so Walk in the paths thereof and eat of His providence. And unto Him will be the resurrection (of the dead). (15) 

  5. Surah Al-Hajj
    O mankind! if ye are in doubt concerning the Resurrection, then lo! We have created you from dust, then from a drop of seed, then from a clot, then from a little lump of flesh shapely and shapeless, that We may make (it) clear our power to you. And We cause what We will to remain in the wombs for an appointed time, and afterward We bring you forth as infants, then (give you growth) that ye attain your full strength. And among you there is he who dieth (young), and among you there is he who is brought back to the most abject time of life, so that, after knowledge, he knoweth naught. And thou seest the earth barren, but when We send down water thereon, it doth thrill and swell and put forth every lovely kind (of growth)

    This statement: “we are all children of God” is nothing but an atrocious lie. God has no children nor is God born. God is Creator of man and woman, and God/Allah is Unique and can be compared to nothing in Creation. The saying that God created us in his likeness is another fabrication ! A lie against God ! So God is not the father of Josie or John Wayne as these fraudsters would have you think through observing them pray to dead people. If God is the father of anyone of you insane Negroes, turn the Castries river into wine, like the other bogus son-of-god who made Moonshine at someone’s wedding ?

    It is really sad that many of you are walking around the Island thinking that God created the Sun on the fourth day after he created trees and fruit on the third day? With information available at the click of a mouse why dwell in retarded infancy?

    “Ignorance is a prolonged infancy, only deprived of its charm.”

    Yes life first formed in the oceans billions of years ago and moved unto the land. The human being “Homo” first appeared in Africa only 1.5 million years ago and begun his migration out of North Africa into Europe and the rest of the planet, but you don’t think that there were dinosaurs since God created the Earth 6000 years ago? With all the scientific evidence available at the click of a mouse you still think the World is FLAT?

    If you want to learn something about God (not the bogus little Naked Caucasian Jesus God who was crying for his daddy) examine this Scientific information relating to the Creation of earth:

    I stated a fact that perhaps might shed some light on the infant-like ignorance that God created the Sun on the fourth day after he created trees and fruit on the third day? This ignorant and primitive falsehood needs to be confronted with Truth. I know, “where ignorance is bliss” it’s stupid to introduce factual information. However, I did say that God/Allah was the Architect and Originator of the sequence of events leading to the Creation of man.

    Water was brought to Earth from the deep regions of Space, transported by Comets and Meteorites; and the elements that make up the human being, were Created in the bowels of a star in a nuclear fusion reaction, ending in a Super Nova.

    God didn’t make a “Bolom” from “La boo” then blow on it to make man. God created man in diverse stages – sperm, a spec of blood, a clot, something like a Leech, a lump of flesh, a fetus, to baby – the evolution process all over again.

    Open your eyes and read the handwritings of Allah in the Creation. Our star, called Sun is millions of miles from Earth, and the light from the sun that enables you tho see the things around you had left the Sun some eight minutes ago travelling at 186,000 miles per second. Yet if you travelled from one corner of our Milky Way Galaxy across the center to the other side at the speed of light it would take you 120,000; one hundred and twenty thousand years to reach the other side. This Galaxy is filled with Billions of stars, many of them bigger than our Sun, and trillions of planets. These things called Galaxies, Allah Created Billions, Trillions of those things, and in them, there are all kinds of lifeforms; some that crawl on their belies, some that fly, others walk on legs, enormous, gigantic and little.

    In the heavens are monsters that devour stars an Planets,called Black Holes, the Gravitational acceleration is of such magnitude, that it would crush our planet to the size of a grain of corn so dense that it would weigh trillions of tons. This is what will be the end of our Planet Earth:




  6. /

    This is a picture of who the God of these retrograde bogus journalist Rick John Wayne, and his boyfriend Black Pete Josie, who these ignorant Slaves beg to protect them and make them Honorary Whites. Do you think that such ignorant Negro slaves are able to inform you with the relevant information that will free you ? their job is to keep you on the plantations of white supremacy while they are in the employ of the CIA.






  7. St. Lucia is now in the not so hilarious hurricane season. One is already bearing down on us, it’s called Ernesto Destructo. And on the heels of Ernesto Destructo we must also prepare for Monsieur Egotist and Dr. Arrogance already formed in the Atlantic. As St. Lucians we must be concerned with the dark forecast already given by Dr. Dolittle-butt-damage previously attached to Windies. and that is; Ernesto Destructo seeks to destroy everything that he touch. St Lucians need to carefully consider this menace. A red mongoose on the loose watching the chicken coop called Citizenship by Investment means that our nest egg cannot be protected. We must acknowledge that if a man is willing to sell his body, soul and country to Saudi Arabia for access to power such a person cannot be trusted in anything.

  8. What’s the reason for promoting this megalomaniac Wayne? Josie must be trying to keep Wayne’s toilet paper afloat. That man sucks. What an idiot playing scholar, and Kenny fired that maniac dumbbell.

  9. John

    You have described this fake newspaper printer, John Wayne perfectly. If a person desires to express their opinion in his toilet paper, just hymn some praise of his greatness, and declare him to be the smartest human in all of the history of humanity – this John Wayne is not an ordinary megalomaniac but should be best described as a megalomaniac on steroids. The Anabolic Steroids that has now crowned him as king of Erectile Dysfunction.

  10. Toll-o-ma/
    yur nom de plume was so cloze to TOLEMEC- an important early indigenous culture of our western hemisphere.
    Alas, rough analysis distills Toll –o- ma to (oh pay ma –already)
    Now, if you are female =, then the suggestion of your nom de plume (toll-o-ma) has vice squad inclinations –as in prostitution.
    In said instance please get thee to a mosque or temple (definitely not one of your liberal churches ) for potential redemption.
    On the other hand if you are male , then Toll-o-ma suggests (MAL-MAMA) a dangerous derivative culled from the Jezebel prototype of character traits….
    Nonetheless , your feeble attempts at satire / allegorical symbolism etc. identifies you as a SISSY-MARY-CL*T_WIT.
    At the end of the day even a MACAHBOO flagellation session would send you into welcoming euphoric orbit.
    Now hear this, garcon: Even if it means converting my Mitsubishi Zero into a Kamikaze Stuka, Josie’s BATIMA will kiss Davy Jones Locker.

  11. /


    Indeed I was TOES PAPA JAB’S worst NEMESIS as he and his “Gros Sewoe” minions danced and performed for pennies and they were torpedoed and Match-bombed under the CDC by the Market. Well I have since moved on an left Rick John Wayne and Black Pete Josie to toss Match Bombs at PAPA KENNY ANTHONY for aborting the political lives of Rick John Wayne and Black Pete Josie, and giving them a ticket to HELL where these two losers reside in perpetuity even as we make preparations for the internment of Chastanet, who has already received his ticket to HELL.

    One scholar in this blog referred to John Wayne as a Pseudo Journalist, and as usual the scholar seasoned his remarks with a touch of mercy in referring to this narsissist ninny as a journalist, especially when juxtaposed with a Professional like Brother Micah George renowned for his objective news reports, and the other real journalist at this Newspaper of Record where generous enlightenment is acquired.

    The Match-bomb thrower Rick John Wayne made some money while in England as a Male Stripper, performing naked and well greased with Vaseline and Baby Oil, entertaining Englishmen well known for their love of Sodomy, who compensated John Wayne for giving them some of his Lap Dances; the word “JAMMET” comes to mind, NO! “GROS JAMMET’ is a better description, and THAT my friends, a JOURNALIST DOES NOT MAKE!!

    The month of February is known as Black History Month, and so I ask you, do you imagine this Ninny Weightlifter who has access to the minds of our Black school children, would embark upon bringing enlightenment to them about the Glorious History of the Original Man and Woman; the so-called Black People, which did not commence with the coming of the Europeans in 1492.

    The Original Man and Woman gave the World Language, Religion, Science, Arts and Culture, long before the Caucasian Race came into existence because of a disease caused by a defective gene in the production of Melanin, and then emerging from the Caves of the Caucus Mountains and Forests of Europe.

    Instead, this disgraceful excuse for a Journalist inundates the minds of our children with his-story about walking naked on Lucian beaches, and what kind of Corn Flakes cereal he ate for Sunday morning breakfast with his laptop?? Journalist MY ASS!! MEGALOMANIAC ON STEROIDS; YES11

    Here’s some of your History that this bogus miseducated Journalist will never inform you, and your children about.

    Mali Empire

    After the fall of the Kingdom of Ghana, the Mali Empire rose to dominate West Africa. Located on the Niger River to the west of Ghana in what is today Niger and Mali, the empire reached its peak in the 1350s.
    The Mali Empire was founded by Mansa (King) Sundiata Keita and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers, especially Mansa Musa. He was the grandson of Sundiata’s half-brother, and led Mali at a time of great prosperity, during which trade tripled. During his rule, Mansa Musa doubled the land area of Mali; it became a larger kingdom than any in Europe at the time.
    The cities of Mali became important trading centers for all of West Africa, as well as famous centers of wealth, culture and learning. Timbuktu, an important city in Mali, became one of the major cultural centers not only of Africa but of the entire world. Vast libraries and Islamic universities were built. These became meeting places of the finest poets, scholars and artists of Africa and the Middle East.
    The Kingdom of Mali had a semi-democratic government with one of the world’s oldest known constitutions – The Kurukan Fuga.
    The Kurukan Fuga of the Mali Empire was created after 1235 by an assembly of nobles to create a government for the newly established empire.  The Kurukan Fouga divided the new empire into ruling clans that were represented at a great assembly called the Gbara. The Gbara was the deliberative body of the Mali Empire and was made up of 32 members from around 29 clans. They were given a voice in the government and were a check against the emperor’s (mansa’s) power. It was presided over by a belen-tigui (master of ceremonies) who recognized anyone who wanted to speak including the mansa. The Gbara and the Kurukan Fuga remained in place for over 40o years until 1645.
    According to Wikipedia, Disney’s “Lion King” movie was based on the real life narrative of Mansa Sundiata Keita.





  12. The maniacs on this blog have nothing of note to say so they resort to spouting gibberish and verbalising thoughts akin to garbage. There is a pressing need for each to learn to speak the English Language and write effectively without resort to bouts of intermittent madness, crazy ramblings and insane analyses. Until then, conversing with lunatics is a meaningless and fruitless endeavour.

  13. To-low-ma-dam of the night
    I save my APA/MLA for objective/balanced conversations with rational communicators.
    Recall that most homes saved their best cutlery, furnishings for VIP guests- what do you expect me to deploy when responding to a vile overseer hired by an inhumane aristocrat.
    You are too inexperienced in this “Waterloo Quadrille” to appreciate close encounters with the demonic hordes whose talking heads are Josie and his weightlifter mentor.
    BUT the satanic purveyors do comprehend every spiritual reference , idiomatic expression, the full suite of multimedia references and catalogue of literary symbolisms that assail his abnormal defense mechanisms.
    The very best unhindered interests of St. Lucia demand nothing less than the total catastrophic demolition of bogus political chameleons – like Peter (Judas) Josie and his handlers. In this endeavor -we shall prevail!
    had best return to your Filene’s Basemement sale @ Jamettes Inc……………oui.
    Your diversionary tactics to buffer our righteous demolition of the caricature that is Peter Josie -is at best AMUSING – if not immature!!!!.
    By the by, a tourist wrote about a chronic stray dog situation -on island.
    I could not in good faith recommend Peter as DOG POUND manager. He will compete aggressively to acquire their stools/droppings in order to persevere in his delirious smear murals.

  14. Really, how can anyone with an ounce of sense present a mentally challenged, emotionally disturbed coon who Christened himself to honour a perverted racist, made popular for killing Indians, as some Saviour of St. Lucians? Rick? John Wayne, as accurately depicted in the above blogg? Who is Josie bent on deceiving by promoting this escaped mental patient Wayne as the Moses of St. Lucians??? It’s a sad spectacle to observe the dark level Peter has sunk, when he has to promote an emotionally disturbed Stripper named Rick Wayne as his hero and saviour of the St. Lucian people.

  15. John I must tell you in all my sixty eight years much of it spent observing governments of the day quite closley, I have yet to see such misinformation, ill-information and so much garbage written by idiots. I thought I should have made my voice heard. Perhaps some were let out of the hospital a little too early.

    1. /

      “in all my sixty eight years much of it spent observing governments of the day quite closley,”

      How closely did you observe John Compton and his teenage Jabals ? You come across as a real MARCO MAN, tracking these politicians since age twelve as they visited their Jabals ? give us some information about the now impotent politician John Wayne and his nocturnal activities at Reduit beaches??
      – VIEUX MARKO !!



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