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No Doubt who Benefits

THE government of Saint Lucia has answered the question which your newspaper posed in its editorial comment of January 2, 2016.

On Tuesday 19th January it was all over the airwaves that the government of Saint Lucia has turned down a request from Her Majesty’s Government in London that it withdraws diplomatic immunity from Mr. Juffali, its Saudi Arabian born diplomat on the IMO. There should now be little doubt about how to answer your earlier question especially as no evidence has been produced to suggest that Saint Lucia has benefitted in any way from the Juffali appointment.

Whether anyone else benefitted will hopefully be discovered some fine day.

— Peter Josie.


  1. Mr. Prime Minister, the next Elections is about YOU.
    It is necessary for the good name of Saint Lucia to eradicate
    the barbaric practices of the present Labour Party. St. Lucia can
    do better and St. Lucians deserve better. Along with the others, resign NOW.

  2. It would make sense to me if there was a viable and progressive alternative to Dr. Anthony, but for this idiot blogger to insult people asking them to vote for this Chastanet Joker is just too much of a stretch for comprehension.
    We know the reason Josie’s nose has turned Brown with chocolate rain from Allen’s feces, but it is extremely difficult to imagine that there are this many Tapeworms on this little island.


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