LIME Takes Steps to Curb Equipment Theft

LIME is stepping up measures to combat the theft of equipment at its cell sites.

Increasingly, thieves are resorting to stealing equipment from the company’s cell sites in various locations around the island, LIME said yesterday.

The company said over the past year a number of cell cites have been affected. The latest incidents occurred at the Morne and at Union on Friday, January 8.

As a result of the theft, LIME’s mobile and internet services were disrupted for several hours. Services were restored to the affected areas after technicians worked tirelessly to have them back up and running.

In a concerted move to discourage the practice, LIME is strengthening the surveillance systems at the various cell sites. Signs are also being erected warning the thieves to desist from stealing or vandalizing the company’s equipment as the resulting disruption of services causes major inconvenience to its customers.

“We are redoubling our efforts to secure our facilities in order to ensure our customers are no longer affected by these repeated acts of equipment theft,” said LIME St. Lucia Country Manager, Geraldine Pitt. “We are further enhancing our surveillance capabilities at all the cell site locations. Signs are also being erected to warn the perpetrators that they are being monitored, and to impress upon them the fact that their illegal actions are causing the loss of services to our valued customers,” said Ms Pitt.

She urged residents in communities throughout St. Lucia to help in discouraging the practice by reporting anyone suspected of involvement in the thefts to the police.

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