Kweyol Activity for Nobel Laureates Celebration

LOCAL students, young photographers and creative individuals are being given a unique opportunity to make (or at least record) history in the coming days.

Preparations are well advanced for celebrations to mark Nobel Laureate Week in Saint Lucia. The 23rd annual commemoration of Sir William Arthur Lewis and Derek Walcott, the island’s two recipients of the Nobel Prize, will be held January 17-23.

The theme for this year is “Celebrating excellence, transforming lives”. Among the activities, the National Volunteer Organisation, Volunteer Saint Lucia, is holding a special competition to help document the nation’s history, traditions and culture.

The competition, aimed at the country’s younger citizenry, is known as DokimanKweyol. It will entail persons aged 13 to 35 interviewing or photographing older persons in their families and communities, in order to tell stories about Saint Lucian history.

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From tales of community togetherness, dance, drama, koudmen, fashion, war, work and play, no subject is off limits. Participants just need to be able to convey what it was like in “the good old days.” But they must do so entirely in Kweyol.

Winners will be selected in three categories – best video, photography or written documentary. Videos must be no more than 10 minutes. Photos must be accompanied by descriptive captions and written submissions in Kweyol must be at least 300 words long.

The deadline for all submissions is January 15. Submissions can be made via email to [email protected] or delivered by hand to the Volunteer Saint Lucia office on the 5th floor of the GreahamLouisy Building.

Enquiries can be addressed via email or interested persons can call National Volunteer Coordinator, Cyril Saltibus, at 484-3244 or 468-2125.

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