UWP Hails Christmas Outreach A Resounding Success

The United Workers Party has hailed its Christmas hamper drive as a resounding success and has renewed calls for radical policy shifts to alleviate poverty.
Over 1,000 families were impacted by the party’s initiative to give relief for Christmas and UWP Leader Allen Chastanet believes that the need for relief is great. He pointed out that the high levels of poverty afflicting many families are reflective of a perilous economic state.

“The sluggish economic performance over the last four years is strongly felt in the lives of families at all income levels so something has to be done fast to ease their heavy burden. This government has so far failed the people of St. Lucia and has failed to bring about hope,” Chastanet opined.
Chastanet believes that there is no indication that the New Year will be any better since government has an average economic growth rate of below zero for its four year tenure. He also raises serious concerns over the success of the Citizens by Investment Programme which seeks to attract foreign investment to the country.



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  1. allan of the uwp you can afford to spend your father’s cash on all of st.lucia now because he truly believe you will be pm.
    please get off your dreams. allan you think that all of those 1000 +persons can’t feed them self?
    “CHRISTMAS FEEDING MY ASSSSSZZZZZZZZZZ. Come again try buying books uniforms etc, etc
    for all school children and see if you will have you underwear left when their parents finish with you.
    you and your bought uwpppppppp can’t can have an every day-party for the whole of ST.LUCIA before election yet you can’t come close or even dream of becoming PM.
    GO have those bad-dreams of playing mr. nice-guy.

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