Time for TV? Time For Fitness!

Lifestyle and fitness with soul ann weekes

Lifestyle and fitness with soul ann weekes

FINDINGS at Harvard University have confirmed the link between TV viewing and obesity in adults and children worldwide. In fact, many organizations encourage parents to limit their children’s TV viewing time to two hours per day. Researchers believe that making such amendments can play a key role in fighting Obesity in children and Adults.

However, we can all agree that sometimes after a long, hard day instead of heading to the gym the idea of lounging in our couches catching up on TV shows is way more appealing. Actually, it was only yesterday when I found myself opting for the couch until I realized I can have both of these worlds. Exercise whilst watching TV!

These five exercises are great ways to burn calories right in your house!

Squats are a great way of sculpting your buttocks! Stand in front of your couch and squat until your buttocks are slightly above the seat cushions. Start with an amount that is manageable to you and increase reps as time goes on.

Walk/Jog in place
Walking or jogging in place is a very beneficial exercise. Burn calories whilst working those legs and abs!

While you watch TV, lie on your back and bend your knees. Place your hands behind your head and crunch your way to a firmer stomach! Let’s go for ten!

This is an awesome exercise you can do whilst you watch TV. Although they are very simple, they are great for strengthening those legs and buttocks!

Arm Circles
This exercise requires little concentration, yet one can reap great benefits when you do them regularly. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lift both arms straight out to your sides. Move your arms in a circular motion with your palms facing down. Do arm circles for one minute. Repeat three times and you are well on your way to toned arms!

Enjoy performing these exercises right in front of your television! Good Luck!

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