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Mary-Juliana-Brice2EVERYONE’S life is a journey of service, yet so many of us fail to recognise this. We are all servants of God, and we need to serve Him, for He has ordained a task for us in the mission of our lives. Why do some of us fail to serve? When we fail in this regard, we are not at all enthusiastic in the things we are doing, and so we get bored, and begin to do wrong things.

If we check out this mission of service carefully, we will realise that whatever good things we do in our lives, it clearly assists others. Teaching or training people, especially bringing up our children properly, is an important service. We work with and for people; we share our talents with others; doctors attend and heal persons; some politicians try to establish a proper country for the people; people entertain, they assist the poor and homeless, and all these things are surely about serving others.

In certain circumstances, when people are providing a service, they concentrate instead on the money that should be made, their authority and power over others, and so they fail to give their service as servants to others. However, when people serve properly, they are rewarded in a very special way. Sometimes we see people going out of their way to serve others, and what do some of us say? “Poukioukafe` tout sa’?” (Why are you doing all this?) In cases like these we fail to recognise someone’s dedication to the service that they have been giving to others. Those who serve so fervently end up being blessed in a very special way, as they have faithfully served what had been ordained for them.

Some people do not like to be called servants, as they feel in such cases, their lives belongs to others, and they have no time for themselves. If you have a business, and you are paid while attending to people, you really should be providing an efficient service, as this works very well.

Apart from the doctors, nurses, nuns and others, who serve in hospitals and homes for the aged, and with those who are suffering with difficulties, can we also serve in some of these areas? Assistance in any way, in cases like these allows us to serve others. Sometimes services are terrible, and so people complain about the wrong doings that are being put on them. Do people recognise their wrongdoings, when they have a mission in life to serve others? Hardly, as they don’t acknowledge service as something they should be continuously doing in their lives. On some occasions when someone’s life has ended, people then take the time to recognise and appreciate the great service that had been given throughout that person’s life.

Serving someone is another way of giving some help, as well as improving one’s own talents, while this is being done.. Service is all about assistance to others, and on some occasions it is only a long time afterwards that the person’s service is recognised.

Planting fruits and food in a community, is a real service, otherwise some persons would be without having this close by, and would need to go through some difficulty to get what is quickly needed. Persons go fishing and allowing us to encounter some fish we never knew about – that’s service. Designing new vehicles, household items, make-up, fashionable outfits – that is lovely service, as we all enjoy this very much, and are proud to be seen with the latest.

Therefore, everything that one does is definitely a matter of service. We are all servants, as our entire life provides service to others. Be happy with your life’s journey, and what has been ordained for you, for by doing proper services, you are serving God with the life that he has given to you.

Let us all become aware of our dedication to the services we are engaged in, so that our families, friends and our nation will be so very peaceful, well looked after, appreciative and filled with love for each other, as they recognise the awesome services that are being received.

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