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PM Is Showing Scars from Head to Toe

The Editor:
The two political parties in St. Lucia represent some 50% of the voters respectively, but in every case, it is the 10% swing vote which makes the ultimate difference. When Kenny D Anthony came into power in 1997, St. Lucia was ready for a dramatic change and we all witnessed a young, bright and handsome individual who was given every opportunity. Today, we witness a not so handsome individual with political scars from head to toe wrapped in a cloak of arrogance and dictatorial behaviour second to none.

Kenny Anthony at one stage of his political career could do no wrong and every pronouncement made was viewed as the truth and nothing but the truth. Not so any longer, as the vivid episodes of NCA, Helenites, Roachamel and Grynberg remain fixed in the minds and hearts of St. Lucians never to be forgotten.

In an effort to erase those economic scars and reinstate an impaired image, he has embarked on a crusade of character assassination against Guy Joseph in more ways than one by his ongoing reference to Joseph as a poodle to name but a few. All these senseless attacks have been orchestrated out of fear against a young politician who has stood up to him without any fear.

As the political walls close in on Kenny Anthony and his party, he has once more sank to another level by accusing Joseph of offering a US$3.5 million bribe to the former Prime Minister Stephenson King while in office without a thread of evidence to justify such an accusation. It should be noted that the former Prime Minister Stephenson King has been in opposition for the last four years and Joseph was never taken to task nor reprimanded for such a serious accusation. The public therefore wishes to know whether this delay automatically makes the former Prime Minister an accomplice in that accusation?

This is the work of a desperate man holding onto any straw to save his political career. This is no longer 1997 Dr Anthony when you could virtually walk over water. You have failed all St. Lucians in your third term in office and the legacy you so desperately pursued remains in tatters, never to be restored. We are quite certain that your foot soldiers would have already appraised you of the mood of St. Lucians on the last head-to-head television programme normally supported by SLP hacks where 90% of the callers bitterly complained of the deteriorating state of the economy and the health system in St. Lucia not to mention your last unacceptable CIP programme which is unlikely to make any difference to the living standards of the ordinary man.


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