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Melissa Joseph: ‘Don’t Give Up on Me, Society’

‘I’ve Been To Hell and Back’

Image of Melissa Joseph
Melissa Joseph

TODAY’S FITC…hmmm, let’s just say that she is crying out (literally) for help and she wanted me to put her message out there for the world to see with hopes that a clearer understanding of her by society will help in her fight to change her life around.

Melissa Joseph is an unemployed mother of five who says her last child is the only thread keeping her from diving over the edge.

I happened to meet Ms Joseph whilst picking up my father from the Victoria Hospital and she approached us telling us her life story.

With heavy tears streaming down her face, Joseph, was nursing a fairly fresh stab wound that started from her back and travelled up to the midway point of her right ribcage. She spoke about her turbulent past where sexual abuse, drugs and alcohol have proved to be major roadblocks in her life every time she found her footing and was on her way to a better life.

Joseph’s arms and face tell the tales of war and strife as she bears numerous and glaringly obvious scars from violent altercations but her vocabulary, diction and proof of past employment show that she is no street urchin.

Staring me dead in the eyes whilst she spoke, Joseph’s words were deep and intense making it bordering on uncomfortable for me at times as she spoke but underneath it all, was the plea for just one more chance at life.

Please note that this interview was unplanned as I was approached whilst attending to a personal matter.

The VOICE: Who are you and what is your story?

Melissa: My name is Melissa Joseph and they also call me Chucky’s Bride but I’m no bride of Chucky, I am a human being and I am a 32 year old unemployed mother of five children and this time I just want my voice to be heard. I was employed under the Ministry of Health through the NICE programme but because I had an incident with the Ministry of Gender Relations, they called my working department and had my contract terminated. As a result of that, I’m out on the streets. I’m barely surviving on welfare and I’m frustrated. They’ve gone as far as putting me in the Mental Wellness Centre. I stayed there because I figured, if I have a mental problem then I want the help.

I was shot in the leg by the police on July 17, of 2014 when a police officer came to my home to investigate a matter. I’ve gone to the Complaints Unit and was told that there is no record of me making a report of the shooting. I have children and I don’t want to have that kind of life…I want to get out of it. This life is not a life for me so I’m asking whichever authority and anyone in a position to give me the benefit of the doubt. They could reach me at my number 728-7562. Please, I deserve one more chance…everybody deserves one more chance because look, right now I have a laceration to my right side and I don’t deserve these things.

The VOICE: How do you manage to find yourself in this situation?

Melissa: I’ve been marginalised and live in the marginalised areas where these things happen. If I was employed, I would have been going to work then straight back to check on my children. I would not have had the time to be in the areas where I would be stabbed and all sorts from different men.

The VOICE: What was your childhood like?

Melissa: I’m an abused child. My stepfather sexually abused me at the age of eight years and I’ve always been looking for help and assistance. I’ve gone to all the respective organisations but speaking from experience, the problem is within the government and with whatever authorities that is in position…they don’t do follow ups. The Human Services division, they try to take away people’s children from the biological parents and I know the way they are trained. I know I am not a professional in that field, I know that they’re supposed to place the child with the next of kin which is a family member and if there is no family, then the next option is foster care. Some of my children have been taken away from me and placed in foster care but now my 13 year old was raped by a foster parent and it is kept silent. They told me that they cannot give me information but it is my right to know that my daughter was molested. As an abused child, I know that this “bobo”, this sore and the pain you carry, even though you get counselling, prayers or whatever, you still have that burden in your heart.

The VOICE: What do you want right now?

Melissa: I’m a very motivated individual. I’ve gone through hell and I’m back. I’ve gone through all establishments and I always try to help myself. I also try to assist others in these marginalised areas and these are the places that I want them to focus on because in those areas, we have potential persons who could be lawyers, doctors etc. but they have never been exposed to one chance, just one chance. They just need somebody to at least listen to them and can do better than just listen.

The VOICE: What is your strong point? What are you good at?

Melissa: My whole working life, I’ve been working under the government as an office assistant but that’s just a starting point because I can be anything that I want as long as I get the proper schooling. I just want to walk away from that life that I’m living…that life is death and I realised that from Friday (which was when she was stabbed).

The VOICE: Tell me about that stabbing incident.

Melissa: (She bursts into tears) God kept me alive for a reason and I don’t know his reason as yet but I could have been dead from that thing I have in my waist. I went up to Gros Islet on Friday for a drink which is my regular routine. Now in the past, I’ve robbed tourists as a form of survival to feed my daughter and I’ve gone to Bordelais for it. Now alcohol does not go too well with me because I turn to an instant psychopath so I will admit that I was under the influence of alcohol and I spilled a guy’s drink. When that happened, the man saw nothing to do but to punch me on my face. Now me being under the influence, we got into a fight and during that fight, his gang joined and brutalised me. They treated me like a stray dog by beating and kicking me until one retrieved a knife and stabbed me. I didn’t deserve that. He could have asked me to buy his drink back or something…it was just a drink but as a result of spilling a drink, I almost lost my life.

The VOICE: You mentioned that there was an incident that got you fired. What happened?

Melissa: As I mentioned, I’m a mother of five but I only have one child in my care and her father contributes absolutely nothing in her life. As a mother, my daughter didn’t call for me so I don’t want her to live the same life as me, I want a better life for her and so I found myself going after tourist men and I’d entice them and then rob them. I don’t have sex for money, I robbed for money. If they came after me telling me that they had money, I’d take it away as a form of survival. I know that’s no way to live and my seven year old should not grow up seeing me as an example of how she should live because children live what they learn and look up to their parents.

The VOICE: What are you doing to change your life yourself?

Melissa: I have a high temper and people say that I’m crazy but I go to the Wellness Centre to control my anger and so right now, I’m on Respidoral and Tegritol, these are medication for mood swings and to control my anger and I take them when I feel it is necessary. I have tried all other methods but we are always fighting against both visible and invisible spirits and those we cannot see are those that target us. I have a strong belief in God and I am testimony for God or whatever you choose to call him. There is a God and because of him I can stand up and have this conversation with you. I saw my death on Friday and I’ve never reached so close to death before.

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  1. I find that this is crap. Those who don’t know her don’t know her she is a corrupt individual who needs help but in the end doesn’t accept it. She put a story into her head that she was abused by her step father but it is all a lie.actually her step father accept her into his life nothing wasn’t to much to give her but she choose the life that she is currently living and I find she should stop making up these stories and accept life the way it is the life that she chose nobody else forced her to do anything

  2. If anyone choose to believe this story is all lies. She, personally choose to live her life the way she wants and steal,sexually immority and fight. The man never raped you. Just telling lies and face the facts.your children was taken from u because you don’t care for them, just used them as an excuse. You say u believe in god but u giving faults stories. Girl change ur damn life.considered u jus lucky this time

  3. I remembered the day when i had an altercation with this girl friend in my salon and she was the one that came with a knife to stab me , as the two above mentioned ……..who doesn’t know about your character will fall for it but I’m sorry if I had to give 5 cent to change your life I wouldn’t . I would contribute it to someone I think that did anything else but robbed people for a living.
    I am sorry some may not agree, but many won’t seem to admit that blatant truth unless they have become a victim of a robbery, wether it was by physical force or they were robbed unperceptively. Listening to her premeditated stories it just sends flashbacks to me where this girl persecuted my life on the streets everywhere she saw me for an altercation that had nothing to do with her none at all. ( her exact words were look at my face and body , can’t you see that I’m a warrior girl jail is my second home) SMH!!! And my reply was simply , you don’t scare me …….. I tried avoiding this girl for so many reasons but today you want your voice to be heard REALLY? ??

  4. This girl is not to be trusted ,she is a liar, criminal , trouble maker,a go volia key la, mellisa is a pretender that girl not good,she don;t deserve nobody;s help,trickster,she say she have a stab in her belly, she think she to bad,that went to a bar, the boy buy his drink, just so she take the boy drink and stab him,when the boy twin see that,he stab her right back,that good for her……….that girl is no good news, sapabon, so st. lucian we all no that girl,we no what she giving,you will not get my help girl, ……………NEVER. NEVER,NEVER, who you melisa you cannot get my help girl,every body no about you……………

    1. That malaylevey. She having good jobs and still going on the block to drink and dmoke during work time. She got fired bcause she not going to work and still collecting salary and they found out snd fired her ass. God will help u my girl . Not me .

    2. What a shame with your reply, she did admit her faults. It is not easy for her or anyone in that position. There are some untruths in her story, but! she is still willing to change. It is like the prodigal son and you people are behaving like his brother. shame shame!!!!

  5. Maybe, just maybe she’s grown up with more understanding and common sense previls. With all our flaws, continued, repeatative and grave sins God continues to give us numerous chances. Sometimes it only takes the least incident to change a bad habit. Let’s not forget but forgive and see things from a different angle.

  6. Corshony woyyy tan, judgement is on you what you reap is what you sew….always have a knife to stab somebody always frightening to KILL somebody you disgust girl all dogs has they day…..your day soon come st-lucians should know about your character you don’t need no help Melissa you should be in jail somebody like you don’t have to be by people. Sure your day will come.

  7. yeah, every dog has its day, and an old dog can learn new ways,. have compassion on her. you never know what your day might turn out to be,,:(

    1. You so right no one is perfect.Let me tell you alot of people here might know my mom her name is Sally ann Compton.Anyone that knows me personally I do anything for my mother to change her life but then she has not made up her mind to so my many attempts was just a waste.But no matter the awful things she`s put me throw I`ll still do anything for her to change.Everyone needs a chance to change their life,let me remind you none of us in this world is perfect. God has compassion on us everyday who are we not to have compassion on others.

  8. I don’t live on this island but I have never come across a set of sick persons like our people. Everyone out there hanging their selves because of the sick stigma that’s attached to people wanting help. How.many people have the balls to admit have the stuff that she came out with l, who ever wants to live the life of crime it’s never ever too late to start over be someone new but all you people can do is say everything negative hiding behind your computer’s. How does any of you know she was not raped by her step father. The system in st.lucia is set up to turn and blind eye to physically a sexually abused children don’t ignore the facts. I’m so sicked that I have to read comments of St. Lucians ypu guys are a sick set of people. Melissa lady you have made the right step. That’s all!!!!!!

    1. You must really love us to be on here giving your contribution on an issue about a St. Lucian. Becareful on how you label people because it says alot about you. Were you hurt by a St. Lucian? Please don’t paint all of us with the same brush. Ignorant people like you make me depise reading comments on newsfeeds…..

  9. This woman by the name of Melissa is a bug …She is a problem no need to ask for help…it’s too late now…nothing can save u…

    1. Take your Lucian birth right and sell it…stoopid…….it’s too late for her now….too late….she needs to be locked up for taking a life……after she takes a life it becomes very late…..so shut the hole under your nose about being a Lucian is sick. Stop generalizing when you speak, because there are brilliant persons on island and not because your ass isn’t her that you must come and try to insult all Lucians….STFU

  10. Everybody who knows Melissa truly knows Melissa knows that she has a tendency to fall back into the wrong set of things. I met her at the hospital nursing that same wound. I asked what happened and she told me. Like told her if you already know that drinking doesn’t go with you then don’t do it. A lot of us have to remember that no one is perfect. Everyone of us have faults and there are a lot of things that we say that we will not do and we still end up doing it none the less. The only way to get out of it is to admit that we have a problem. If she’s willing to accept the help then i don’t see a problem in society helping her. Yes she goes back and forth and falls many times into the very same thing. But you need to fall in order to rise to the top. What we should be doing is praying about helping her and praying for her and let God guide us in what to do.

  11. i am her first born and i am 15 years , and that woman made me suffer ,from a little baby and she didn’t have to go on news and say those things that hurts but she is still my mother my adopted mother always told me to forgive her. my adopted mother said as long as u alive u have another chance thank god u escape this one ,was rather close . make this incient a turn around for your life melissa

  12. Only god knows the heart of men .melissa I believe in you .god can change anyone or situation .these persons pointing fingers like they are living a perfect life .she confesses and testifies .that’s. What god wants us .god wants us to forgive and forget I believe she needs a second chance at life .her life story can help change a life .you will surprise to see what god can do u will receive double for your trouble now am a believer .i had a past similar now I own my business god is blessing my life .my past is helping women change their life and it happens for gods glory .i would love to communicate with her .i know her .years ago at the hospital I heard her giving a life story and speaking biblical scripture that touched me .that word took root in me girl god is going to use you so mighty .every situation u went through is a story to reach out to a hurting mom rejected mom .i was abusive ,I was raped ,I was a teenage mom an addicted smoker and drunk god has changed my story around .melissa keep the faith if people don’t wanna help you or hear god will and also he will send people in your life to help you mi love you and Jesus loves you if wanna talk my number Melissa 7 227560 or 2847511

  13. Melissa this demonic and posese girl she won’t change her life no matter what you do or give her this girl don’t appreciate help from no one.she turn back against you to kill you.tell me which person haven’t tried to help her to move her outta the street. She don’t accept help.melissa you reap what you sow,more than you.sow later than you sow,what kind of seed are you planting in life? Good or bad..this girl heartless always armed to stab someone and around destroying people’s life. Good luck to all the helpers and believers!!

  14. I believe the underlying factor here is mental illness. So sad. Could this have been prevented? ‘Too late shall be the cry.”

  15. That story does nothing to me as a woman and a mother, she is talking so much about not wanting her children to be who she is, and is doing nothing to change it….yeah right as soon as they asked her what was her childhood like…she jumped to the abuse story…that’s supposed to do it for the readers right, well I feel nothing for this woman, I do not know her and I think this story is a sick excuse, as a woman and mother myself..she does not have money but she finds herself in gros islet under the influence.. police came to investigate and incident and she got shot….Police don’t shoot people who do nothing to be shot…please, whom does she think she is fooling…I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail where she belongs and that the relevant authorities place the children in good care….because so far, I think they are already damaged.

  16. She wants to change…start by telling the truth, if you want your story to be heard, speak it truthfully…..otherwise shut up and go to bloody jail where you belong, people like you are a nuisance to society and no child deserves a mother like you…some women they need to hold them a fly out their womb, because some women who will give a child love, does not have a chance to produce and these animals are blessed with children for some reason. I have a friend who is dying to have a baby, and I know this child would be loved….unfortunately it’s animals like these who end up with children. Sad but real.

  17. Imagine an incoming batsman telling you to let your first bowl to him be a “doddle” as he is not able to deal with the first balls he faces. Which bowler will oblige when his objective is to see back of that batsman ASAP? Well this is what this idiot is tell us to do by saying she has a bad temper. So what she has a bad temper? What has this got to do with the colour of the sea?

    Her remark simply means she is refusing to take responsibility for her wrong deeds. But since she can’t defend it she puts it down to her temper which she can’t control. Well Miss Joseph provoke the coolest cucumber long enough at some point all hell will break loose. Your problem is that you are living in denial and the earlier you accept you have a problem the earlier you will be able to sort yourself out. But for now you have to answer for your wrong doings. And temper or no temper you have no one to blame but yourself. Never be fooled your peers will know if and when you pick up cross.

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