Christmas Vacations


ADMIT IT … You look forward to Christmas because of the likelihood of receiving a present. Who doesn’t?

Here in the Island Neighbours, we love gifts regardless of the form in which they appear, tangible or intangible. Whereas our ancestors from the European metropolis enjoy the frosty atmosphere with snowmen, old tales of gift-giving and old, bearded men who rode deer-driven sleighs, citizens of the Island Neighbours enjoy Christmas West Indian style.

Aptly defined as a time of rum drinking, cake baking and partying, this is indeed the perfect gift that you can give this festive season – an all-expense paid trip to one of the Island Neighbours.

Christmas in Dominica mirrors that which occurs in St. Lucia. It is filled with family gatherings and house to house festivities. The best cooking is often reserved for this time as guests are expected to flood households. While the French Departments are not as elaborately charged in their Christmas festivities as Dominica and St. Lucia, a festive aura still remains as rum drinking and shopping is at an all-time high.
Given our similar historical navel, a visit to any of the Island Neighbours during Christmas should be a “home away from home” scenario. After all, we embrace similar linguistic strings and cuisine.

Neighbourly GetAways
Taking a trip though the Island Neighbours is the perfect holiday present. Here’s what we suggest. Take a trip to the nature isle and be sure to visit one of its most celebrated sites – World Heritage Site MorneTrois Piton. There you may visit the boiling lake – the second largest in the world. Next, travel to the north east of Martinique to visit the Mount Pelee. Learn about its rise to volcanic power, its destructive path and what the future likely holds for this giant of the Earth. When you are finished in the isle of flowers, visit Marie Galante for a relaxing eco-vacation as you enjoy the waters of Grand Bourg and the superb sandy beaches.

Let’s Go Shopping
Calling all Shopaholics! Let’s face it. Christmas can be the most engaging, entertaining and fun-filled time of the year but it is a hassle. We need all the help that we can get. Bearing that in mind, we present to you ideal tips to keep yourself from drowning in the Christmas rush.

1. Prepare your shopping list at least a week before the shopping day. Classify the items accordingly. This will ensure that you acquire all that is on your list in the least possible time.
2. Set a budget.
3. Avoid last minute shopping. Chances are you may face shortages, long lines, irate shoppers and frustrated cashiers.
4. Shop for gifts separately. It can be a hassle shopping for groceries and gifts on the same day. Imagine the number of bags.
5. Avoid taking children (especially babies) on shopping excursions. Think carefully …they become carry-on luggage.
6. If your budget is a concern, avoid stores with exorbitant or pricey deals. Take advantage of sales as they come.
7. Avoid going on shopping excursions with lots of cash. Most stores accept Visa cards and this is a method of ensuring that you do not become the victim of a crime.

As you commence your journey this season, keep in mind that proper planning can save time, money and energy. Whether the shopping takes place locally or within the boundaries of the Island Neighbours, the aforementioned tips can be very useful. Happy shopping!

Historical note! Did you know that Marie Galante was named after one of Christopher Columbus’ ships – Santa Maria Galanda? Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
Travelling during Christmas

I want to go diving – Je tiens à faire de la plongée
Where are the beaches located? – Oùsont les plagessituées?
Where can I find a taxi? – Oùpuis-je trouver un taxi ?
I am on vacation – Je suis en vacances.
Please take my picture – Veuillezprendre ma photo
Where can I go Christmas carolling? – Oùpuis-je passer Noël verges ( pomlázka )?
How much should I pay for the tour? – Combiendois-je payer pour le voyage ?
Take me to the best diving spots – Prenez-moi à les meilleurs sites de plongée
Where can I find a waterfall? – Oùpuis-je trouverunecascade ?

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