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Anthony – A Failure On His Way Down

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

I keep turning my mind to the time when I paid close attention to public political meetings. I first listened when West Indian leaders gathered at Columbus Square in Castries (now Derek Walcott square), to promote a federation of the West Indies. Later, I attended in Port-of-Spain, Tunapuna and Arima in Trinidad, in the early sixties, campaigns leading to that country’s independence. I was present in Antigua and also in Barbados during electioneering campaigns in late 1970s. I heard many statements that were hard hitting, strident and filled with emotion, some falling short of their advertised purpose. But not once did I hear an asinine statement, that an election would be fought between a political party and a well known and respected family. Elections were always between political parties.

When therefore, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia told his supporters that the next elections here would be between his SLP and the Chastanet family I was taken aback. Frankly, when he later repeated that statement I concluded that something had gone seriously amiss. What could that be, I wondered. I had seen the many times Kenny Anthony had driven to Michael Chastanet’s home before the 1997 elections. The pictures he took with Chastanet and Butch Stewart and Bill Clinton speak of happier days. So what went wrong?

To everyone’s chagrin the attacks on the Chastanet family had smacked of racism. It emphasized the suspicion that something awful had happened, and Kenny Anthony was hurting. Sadly, the attacks against the Chastanets’ did not stop there. Others who support and defend the Prime Minister have taken upon themselves to follow their ‘master’s lead’ and cast aspersions at persons such as Guy Joseph who are friends of the Chastanet family. But they should think again and desist from making racially loaded statements about Guy Joseph or anyone else.

I recall that in the days leading to political independence for Trinidad and Tobago prime minister designate Eric Williams had asked his countrymen to denounce and abandon the words ‘coolie’ and ‘nigger,’ from their vocabulary. These were words he claimed, that were used by those who wished to denigrate ‘his countrymen’ and keep them tied to the past. “Political independence should mark the final step towards true freedom; racial slurs or any semblance of racism should therefore be left to languish outside the portal of independence.” Eric Williams became the longest serving prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is a gross insult to the intelligence of the people of Saint Lucia, who celebrated 36 years of independence last February, to be told that one family would be the target of an election. So I ask again, what did that family do? Then it hit me; perhaps the asinine statement was about that man himself and not about the Chastanets.

Kenny Anthony’s outrageous lies, his asinine verbiage and his nervous disposition speak of a failed politician on his way down who wishes to take with him the material expressions of his anger and envy. His friends, if any be left, should tell him that that would not work. I respectfully suggest that what Kenny Anthony must do is to find that $100,000,000.00 he promised, complete and open St. Jude hospital and the European built one, quickly build the four-lane highway from Hewanorra airport to Gros Islet and then fall on his knees and pray. Pray unceasingly!

The repeated attacks on the Chastanet family and on Guy Joseph should be repudiated and denounced by all right thinking persons.

What I find most interesting is that these scurrilous attacks say more about the attacker than the persons to whom such venom is aimed. In this context a little digging should help answer to the question: ‘from whence came the name Anthony? Why are his siblings ‘Barnard’ and he who is of same flesh and blood, ‘Anthony?’ Isn’t this the Barnard who gave his name to children he so loved? Is that the name renounced for Anthony? What’s so wrong in carrying the name Barnard? Recalling that children have no say or control from whence they came, Saint Lucians are generous in their acceptance of names by which people call themselves. Names matter! Ask Rick Wayne.

So the problem may not be with the Chastanet family, only with the name. Even so the anger which is directed at the Chastanet family is paradoxical. It seems like a wound directed and inflicted by the attacker upon himself. That which feeds Anthony’s animosity I strongly suggest has nothing to do with Guy Joseph or the Chastanet family. The sooner Kenny Anthony and his hacks face up to this the better.

Incidentally, Allen Chastanet, who I pray will be re-elected political leader of the UWP on 15th November, has vowed to fight wrongs and defend rights, for all Saint Lucians regardless of political affiliation. I offer one more piece of advice to Kenny Anthony: he should pause and think of the number of persons the Chastanet family employ and the many that own shares and sit at business meetings for the first time in their lives. Which other business person has done the same for his employees? It is a sharing system which no other has tried on the island, as far as I am aware.

Considering where the Chastanet family started and how hard they have worked, their achievements should be celebrated and encouraged in others, and not diminished. A people still trying to find their feet in the post colonial era must learn to embrace success and point its youth to emulate success rather than to castigate it. At no time should one encourage the promotion of mediocrity and envy. We ought to say no to any return to the past. ‘Forward ever, backward never’ must therefore become for every Saint Lucian more than mere slogan; it must be a way of life, a philosophy for living.

Perhaps the truth about Kenny Anthony is that he has chosen to fight his opponents with the tools he most dislikes – the family name. But he is climbing the wrong tree. Allen Chastanet and Guy Joseph are the two most formidable opponents Kenny Anthony and his new Labour are confronted with. One day his newly made UWP friends may come to rue their shaky ‘friendship’ with him. Whatever he does and however he does it, Kenny Anthony and his acolytes will not succeed; they have failed and deceived too many people too often. The IMPACS report and its secret findings are but one example. The game is over for Kenny Anthony and his men and they know it. Such a realization may be behind his asinine and nervous attacks, against the Chastanet family and Guy Joseph.


  1. The devil came down and got into the serpent.
    And he found ma Josie in the garden of Deye Moun in Vieux Fort, naked, and he sweet-talked her about the fruit in the midst. The midst means “middle,” and so forth; And he said, “Now, it’s pleasant. It’s good to the eye, He-old talk her and begin making love to ma josie, and he lived with her, as a husband.
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    Now because you listened to your lover boy your son peter judas shall be envious of his prime
    minister my ‘Anointed one” Dr. Kenny D Anthony.
    O, my people did i send you Kenny the son of David to deliver you,
    from those vicious and wicked wreckers of the poor? (uwp)
    A man full of wisdom, and compassion,
    one who reverence God and seek his face,
    in good times or bad times,
    I sent him to liberate you from neglect and total darkness.

    The stone which the builders rejected,
    the same is become the head of the corner;
    this is the Lord’s doing,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes.


  2. GOD according to the BIBLE ” Trust the rich -NO MORE than a Sperm Whale oops Camel can slide thru a space/aperture-not even an ant could crawl through “!!!!
    Yet, the local high priest of the ANTI CHRIST as predicted in the Book of REVEALATIONS- ‘Peter Josie Judas’ comes BEGGING= “alms for the rich” 🙁
    He deceives us with the pirated bounty of decadent ‘Rome’- the glorifications of Sodom- the preposterous white washing of the MIDDLE PASSAGE crimes against God & Humanity.

  3. Peetar
    Your desperate gauntlet on the eve of Flambeau’s Convention is more like a a wrangled isotoner glove that has gone through many winters.
    Your reliance on the self proclaimed OCCULTIST yapping poodle to intimidate or subliminally infuse the fear of sorcery- among the “WE shall not be moved” proletariat- is DOA (dead on arrival).
    So, according to Peter Judas Josie the entire UWP is Chaz + his lap canine …….NOT even the Empress Rigobert?
    Sacre bleu the current soggy trough does signal the state of the upcoming UWP convention.
    Let’s wishing that SENSE PREVAILS over mighty $$$$dollars$$$$$ !
    ‘Avant la Lune levee-
    Nous kwi descent an ville
    avec jaytay Josie dans porchum PEESAR 🙂

  4. Peetar
    The question may well be the perception of YOUR “enuch” virilty and by association- the impotence of your “leash handlers”.
    Therefore, I present EXHIBIT A on behalf of Dr Anthony
    Yeah baby 🙂 TONY THE TIGER wows our libido-stimulating our urge for NATION BUILDING,oui.

  5. If I was told you Peter would one day exhibit such a high level of immaturity I would said it is impossible. After all I don’t know if you remember once your were the Peter pan or the robin of st Lucian politics.

    Many liked for what you stood for. It was clear and concise. It was ambiguity free. Many, including me, have you to thank for their political awakening. In those times you said something. It was not about individuals. It was not about personalities. It was about wrong policies, corruption, social injustice etc. It was about fairness and your audience saw a high level of morality both in your word and deeds. Today I am struggling to see that Peter Josie. He seem to be bogged down by the exploits of one man Kenny Anthony. Ever since Anthony took away the vieux fort seat from you have developed a very debilitating obsession with him. He can do no right to the extent that his opponents can do no wrong. No not even toxic mouth guy Joseph with his loose and untamed mouth..
    I think it’s time you put away that stupid partisan and rembrace the progressive objectivity you once possessed.

  6. there is no hope 4 that thing: peter judas josie in the resurrection ( according to the bible?)


    We, the people of St. Lucia, strongly desire to transfer the citizenship and ownership of peter judas josie bearing the following particulars:

    N I C # ………………6 6 6.

  7. Something is serous with this judas’s memory?
    judas peter josie used to incite violence in the late 1960-1970 and beyond . against John Compton and family.
    Judas you told us in Vieux Fort to beat the devil John Compton with “Lyenn-zacasy” on his “BONDA-BLAN”.
    We the youth in the Castries basin used to be entice by you to “HANG COMP THE DEVIL” ON THE SQUARE.
    COMPTON was the biggest thief in the whole of St. Lucia.
    Compton name was change to the devil carbuncle-face. His wife was called by you and us Lady
    MC– Beth.
    peter judas josie you will die and never see the downfall in politic of Dr. KENNY D ANTHONY.
    He will and the S L P will beat the shit out of you ant your uwp come next election.
    uwp can never come close to the S L P victory at the polls come next general election.

  8. Lifted from the pages of Peter Judas Josie’s clinical interviews (psychiatrist files)
    “ I drink alone, yeah-
With nobody else

You know when I drink alone
I prefer to be by myself
    Every morning just before breakfast
-I don’t want no coffee or tea
Just me and good buddy Wiser
-That’s all I ever need

    ‘Cause I drink alone, yeah
-With nobody else
Yeah, you know when I drink alone-
I prefer to be by myself
    The other night I lay sleeping
 with Mary Isaac, And I woke from a terrible dream
So I called up my pal Jack Daniel’s
-And his partner Jimmy Beam

    And we drank alone, yeah
With nobody else-
Yeah, you know when I drink alone-
I prefer to be by myself
    The other day I got invited to a charity ball

    But I stayed home instead
Just me and my pal Johnny Walker
 And his brothers Black and Red

    And we drank alone
Yeah, with nobody else
Yeah, you know when I drink alone
I prefer to be by myself
    Yeah, my whole family done give up on me
- And it makes me feel oh so bad
- The only one who will hang out with me
Is my dear Old Grand-Dad
And we drink alone, yeah
With nobody else
Yeah, you know when I drink alone
I prefer to be by myself”
    NB-JUST THE SAME WAY YOU SHALL FEEL- post uwp convention, n’est pas?

  9. Another revelation from the medical files of Peter Josie:

    (On the day I was born
The nurses all gathered ’round
And they gazed in BEWILDERMENT-
At the ABNORMALITY they had found
The head nurse spoke up- 
Said “leave this one alone”
She could tell right away
That I was EVIL to the bone
    I broke a thousand Vieux-Fortian hearts
    Before I met Mary Isaac
    I’ll break a thousand more,
    Before I am through with Castries
    I wanna be yours pretty St Lucia
    Yours and yours alone
    I’m here to tell ya
    That I’m EVIL to the bone

    I make a rich woman beg (Madame Chas)
    I’ll make a good woman steal-like Mary
    I’ll make an old woman blush-in the Marian Home
    And make a young girl sell her flesh- in Jeremie Street CDC
    I wanna be yours pretty St Lucia
    Yours and yours alone
    I’m here to tell ya honey
    That I’m Evil as Eddie in Superfly

    And when I walk the streets of Micoud South
    Civic and economic leaders-they all step aside
    Every Micoud woman I meet
    They all stay satisfied
    I wanna tell ya pretty St Lucia
    Well Ya see I bank-roll in Chaz’ s pocket of $dough$
    I’m here to tell ya St. Lucia
    That’s why I’m EVIL to the bone


    I LOVE THOSE SONGS. They are the judas’s life story.
    The ministry of education should teach those songs at school so that children should be-aware of who this peter judas josie is.

  11. Next on our playlist:

    Costume 2 RED Handkerchiefs one end tied to each wrist
    da flambeau is out
    da flambeau is all wet!

    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
    Follow the doctor, doctor, doctor
    Follow the doctor
    Follow da SLP!

    Hands up! Down!
    Up! Down!
    Up! Down!
    Up! Down!
    Everybody now put one RED handkerchief in the air, then another RED handkerchief in the air
    and we wave each from left to right,
    watch this
    left, right
    left, right
    two more times, two more times
    left, right
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    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
    Follow the doctor, doctor, doctor
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    Now repeat after me
    You’re repeating after me
    Everybody repeat after me
    watch this
    Say “I love The SLP”
    Say “I love Dr. Kenny ”
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    Say “I love Dr. Kenny ”
    Somebody anybody everbody scream (RED)


    On 4 we gonna jump and wave (Red balloons, banners etc)
    On 4 we gonna jump and wave
    here we go
    1(get ready to jump)
    2(get ready to jump)
    3(get ready to jump)

    Jump and wave
    jump and wave
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    Move over to the SLP,
    Move over to the SLP,
    Over to the SLP,
    To the SLP (4X times)

    Jump and wave
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    jump and wave (large handkerchiefs , one end tied to wrists)
    jump jump jump jump
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    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
    Follow the Doctor, Ken Anthony
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    And FREEZE! (as Red talcum powder, confetti, showers dancers and singers)

  12. MACH BETH !
    I already jumping to de red-victory.
    1 2 3 i jumping way above de sky holding de good Dr’s hand as we jumping from left to right seeing de light of de ‘flambo” going out never to ignite again in the history of this country.
    we all singing :

  13. “… de light of de ‘flambo” going out never to ignite again in the history of this country”.
    Wow! It was de flambo that brought us: Rodney Bay, the Mariner, the Pigeon Island Causeway, the East coast Highway, Hess, etc., etc.
    Honestly, St.Lucia does better under a flambo administration than under a SLP administration; anytime, anyday.

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