V-Fort’s Joshua Hits Out At Civil Servants

VIEUX FORT Mayor Winall Joshua

By Kingsley Emmanuel


THE mayor of Vieux Fort, Winall Joshua has lashed out at government officials and civil servants working in the town for showing scant respect to Vieux Fortians.

In an interview with THE VOICE, Joshua said civil servants sent to work in Vieux Fort were not doing their work and were acting like the Vieux Fort South Constituency Council with whom they should cooperate does not exist.

“The treatment we get in Vieux Fort will not happen in Castries, Gros Islet Babonneau, Soufriere…not even in Laborie,” Joshua lamented.

“You wonder if it is not done deliberately,” he added.

The mayor described the services offered by civil servants working in Vieux Fort as mediocre adding that no one was holding them accountable.

“They (civil servants) get on their high horse… and refuse to cooperate with us to deal with the problems that exist in Vieux Fort, especially in the area of the environment,” he said.

Joshua feels that important government bodies in Vieux Fort should have a representative from the Vieux Fort South Constituency Council on their boards. According to him, such a move will enable the concerns of Vieux Fortians to be adequately addressed.

He referred to a situation at St. Jude hospital where the entire board was forced to resign, adding that such a situation may not have existed if there was a representative from the council on its board.

Joshua feels the reason why some civil servants are treating Vieux Fortians in such a disrespectful manner, is an attempt to show the public that although the district representative for Vieux Fort South is the Prime Minister, they are the ones in control.

“In the next five years of Dr. Anthony’s reign as district representative of Vieux Fort south, I would like him to deal with the issues that affect the town of Vieux Fort,” the mayor stressed.

He said the Prime Minister needs to initiate change and do the things that would make other parts of St. Lucia take us (Vieux Fortians) seriously.

Joshua said he also has a problem with government officials, stating that when they have important meetings in Castries, Vieux Fortians are not invited.

“We need to stand up and stop being sidelined,” he said.


  1. With that look of yours it is little wonder people are put off. The system you represent is the real reason the people are disgusted at what you stand for. You operate under a cloak that serves the covering of a naked and dying political cabal breathing it’s last breath before it gives up. You Sir, are indeed fortunate to have had friends in high places, been given promotions you were not qualified for, enjoyed the good life feeding from the public trough and now you find it odd that people serves you up with the coldness you and your ilk deserve. You will soon have much company my friend, the ones with whom you may find the respect you crave. Wont be long, bide your time and enjoy what is left of the crumbs from the Tax payers purse.

  2. Local and or parish level administrative powers synchronized to STANDARDS operationalized by NATIONAL convention will curb NEPOTISM while increasing local voter scrutiny -whilst decreasing political APATHY.
    WHEN local FOLKS INTERNALIZE RESPONSIBILITY-advocacy-proactive participation in WHAT MATTERS TO THEM- we all benefit from NATION BUILDING and fire up PATRIOTISM.
    ALL the bovine manure about country bookies will cease 4 ever
    The glamorous merit of the city will achieve a healthy political interactive with the GLORIOUS country -pastoral-agriculural enclaves
    STOP your divide and conquer subjugation of the good ordinary people.
    It is not a perfect system BUT when the national apparatus begins to choose and elect ONLY those LEADERS that have a proven track record from exemplary service from within the LOCAL constituencies- then and only then will this simply beautiful nation MATURE GRACEFULLY.
    Currently , what we have is PIRATES buying constituencies for their own AVARICE. This failure!
    The MAyor of VFort is in the RIGHT for many reasons that even supersede his own local insights.
    Gspot you need to crawl back to the WHORE BROTHEL of your expertise- i.e., proper disposal of used “trojan frenchies” & kotex pads, oui;
    and leave Nation Building to those who are in the KNOW-

  3. Joshua is doing a very bad job of justifying his job as mayor and a member of the Vieux Fort Constituency Council. He must remind himself that they are politically appointed whereas the beleaguered civil servants are professionals who are appointed to their positions by the State.
    There’s no difference between him and the famous bruce tucker. Both have penchant for inciting mischief, full of greed and talk without thinking too much. Soon he’ll asked to be appointment to become Vieux Fort’s minister of social services. You know what I mean?

    1. Abel boy you are an a$#. He us not justifying his job as a mayor you moron he is saying and talking about the difficulties he has in working with the civil servants that are working in my town of Vieux Fort. Mr Joshua held a post in Canada and did a very good job at it. (Go do your research ). Say something you know and understand not things you don’t know unless you are one of the civil servants giving trouble.

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