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‘Spider’, What Have You Done To Help?

The Editor:
What is wrong with these people in the UWP? On Thursday night we witnessed the deputy political leader Lennard “Spider” Montoute on television talking about divisions in the party and the need to heal the rift before the next convention and elections.

On the surface it seemed like a statesman-like position that he had taken, but at no time did Montoute tell us what he had done as No. 2 man in the party to bring the divided factions together.

I fail to understand the rationale of people like Montoute, Michael Flood, Dr. Matthew, Dr. Preville and others all claiming to be solid members of the UWP repeatedly appearing on television and undermining their party the way they have done. Do these men believe that their behaviour is going to endear them or the party with the people. Don’t they know that the public will only perceive the UWP as useless and hand over the government back to the equally useless Labour government so that it can continue to oppress and demoralize the people?

A year ago, no one had heard of Dr. Andre Matthew and I find it strange that he can seemingly jump out of nowhere and begin to question the leadership of the party in public? Is that discipline? This never used to happen in the UWP that I grew up with. The party has recently thrown its doors open to all sorts of dubious characters who have nothing but their own personal interests at heart.

Imagine Rufus Bousquet is back trying to re-enter the fold?” Imagine Keith Mondesir? Imagine Richard Frederick talking about a coalition party? These men are not wanted in the politics of St Lucia today and they don’t seem to know it.

I do not know much about Allen Chastanet but it occurs to me that he has defeated two opponents by two votes to one in successive years for the leadership of the UWP. That has to count for something. So the challenge is for people like Montoute to use his position of seniority to close ranks in the party, if his concerns about division are sincere.

But for heaven’s sake Spider, stop undermining and demoralizing your party in public when it is poised to return to power. This only strengthens the hand of a Labour Party that has failed us and should be kicked out of office.

–Stephen V. Rosemond


  1. Mr. Rosemond:
    I concur with your statement. We are not dealing with angels, these are men.
    As men of this here earth most are subject to jealousy, hate, power hungry,
    and all applicable ills along these lines, so don’t be surprised. The surprise will
    surely come since some have chosen to allow themselves to be blinded to the
    reality of the day. The political struggle is in both major Parties. The one within
    the big guys is driving some to panic; this will result in Manic-depression, and I can
    already see the manifestation in some who delight to come on Radio/T.V. with wild
    stories of Police Coup, Cloak & Dagger stories to taint the good name of imagined
    rivals. This my friend is classic paranoia in the raw, and it is dangerous.Lots of fun in
    the near future and I hope there are good shrinks in St. Lucia. good luck.

  2. Stephen:

    Just about every week I have been forced to ask myself, why does the UWP attract this many mentally challenged individuals like yourself, Rick John Wayne, Claudius Preville and the likes ? Your argument is certainly misdirected. You ask the question, “Why are party members publicly denouncing the Nincompoop Allen Chastanet ?”

    Let me remind you, it was Allen Chastanet, who embarked upon dismembering party cohesiveness when he initiated hostile actions against the Hon. Stephenson King, at a time when King was attempting to work with the Government to implement an action of recovery for the Lucian people who had suffered a debilitating natural disaster on the eve of Christmas.

    Allen Chastanet an undesirable ninny, who has been repeatedly rejected by the Lucian people and the wider Caribbean neighbors, felt King’s meeting with the Government of Kenny Anthony to plan the recovery of the numerous dead bodies laying about the banana plantations, had somehow denied him/Allen an opportunity to strategize on how to use these dead bodies to win the next election, and replaced King with the infamous Gail Rigobert whose first action was to lockout the employees from the office of the Leader of the Opposition while she disposed the contents of their desks along with their personal belongings into the Castries River near the CID Police HQ on Bridge Street at 0230 AM.

    Allen Chastanet, as he continued his demolition derby of the UWP expelled an elected member of the party Richard Frederick, because Allen was so intimidated by the size of Frederick’s penis, that he began to have some strange wet-dreams, but has since settled for Josie’s coaching Allen in the art of daily masturbation. Yet you blame everyone other than this idiot Allen for the derision within the UWP. What is it Stephens, about you anachronisms, that you are hellbent on destroying St. Lucia with this nincompoop Allen Chastanet or Claudius Preville a miseducated Oreo ?

  3. V. Rosemonkey ” WHO THE GODS which 2 destroy he first make them mad”

    have a f********up day with your party. go say your penitence.

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