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The Editor:
Mr Cameron Laure of the Police Welfare Association has taken objection to the latest bulletin released by the President of the Senate and is now in the throes of seeking legal advice on the matter.

In my opinion the President of the Senate has undoubtedly crossed the line as far as protocol is concerned and many St. Lucians remain in agreement with this observation. Claudius Francis is of the opinion that he can pull the wool over the eyes of many of us, but he is sadly mistaken. There is no way the President of the Senate and a Talk Show host can separate the two positions especially as he remains a staunched member and supporter of the ST. Lucia Labour Party. His latest statement about a suspicious plot by officers of the CID and others to overthrow the Prime Minister is scandalous, but more worrisome, is the fact that he issued a stern warning to the Prime Minister to take the necessary action or be prepared to bear the consequences.

Francis has often reiterated in public that he is the fourth most powerful figure in St. Lucia but it strikes us that he may have now elevated himself to number one. At what point will the Prime Minister come forward and put a stop to this gentleman’s megalomaniac behaviour? Mr Francis should recognise the fact that Kenny Anthony has no compunction whatsoever in dismissing anyone that dare cross his path. Mr Francis needs to reflect upon his role as Press Secretary in the 1990s to determine who and what Kenny Anthony stands for. Francis will be well used and thrown under the bus in the twinkle of an eye and will have no option but to peacefully return to the company of ordinary St. Lucians to maintain his sanity and lick his wounds.

–S.D. Marquis


  1. There is something stinking rotten in Denmark. And it ain’t fish!

    Instead they are the fishes’ heads of the SLP.

    The SLP’s leadership is everywhere imploding! False statistics, unemployment, and conspiracy coup rumors. What next? Every damn dirty trick is game.

    How low will St. Lucian politicians stoop to keep their fat pensions or get in on some ot this action? What a nasty set of scoundrels we have today in party politics! Rotten to the bone! Rotten to the core!

  2. It was a bad idea in the first place to have this man or any of his ilk to be President of the Senate. Tell me if I’m mistaken but I think that the President of the Senate must be one
    who is free of political ties with any local Party, and if not, should appear to look as one who is
    independent as possible. He has tarnished any good name and reputation of the Senate and he should be removed.

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