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Praising The Father, But Cursing The Son

The St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and its government never cease to amaze me. They are like lost sheep following a blind leader, who some say may be more cunning than blind. Here was a man, the leader and the island’s Prime Minister, calling for contributions from the people of Saint Lucia for those in Dominica who suffered loss from tropical storm Erika. He did not ask for donations from his like-minded Labour supporters only, but from all the people of Saint Lucia. He then went on record to thank the leading supermarket on the island for its donation of food and water as if he had forgotten that it was the same Chastanet family whom he likes to curse and villify, who was responsible for the gifts.

The younger Chastanet, Allen, son of shareholder Michael, and who happens to be the leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), (the one that causes SLP sleepless nights), sent a sum of money to Dominica which he had raised at his party’s function. Lo and behold, instead of thanking Allen, the wicked SLP operatives, from top to bottom, tried to make fun and diminish Allen (and the UWP’s) contribution to Dominica.

What kind of people are these who, even in the face of tragedy, cannot put their cheap politics aside for one minute and focus instead on the good work of their opponents. Do they think they are fooling anyone by praising the father while cursing his son? It’s time for more a meaningful change.



  1. Montoute, how many people donated to the charitable causes of the Dominican tragedy? It was the civic duty of the PM to thank any and every one who donated to that end. You backward people who follow that evil family of Chsstanets must be a group of retarded and unsophisticated folk, bent on the destruction of this island.

    Allen made a lot of noise and came up with a minor sum of a few dollars, and the PM was gracious enough to thank that bum for making all that noise to get publicity so he can use the dead people in Dominica to get elected, just like he did when St. Lucians died in the Christmas eve rains, and fired King for helping the people of St. Lucia. You people will do anything to get a crumb from that evil Chastanets who hate the people of the island.

  2. For Kenny Anthony it has always been about his power and pay.
    Did he set aside one month of his salary for the people of Dominica?
    This is a leader who regularly “promises” the electorate this or that costing tens of millions of dollars. AND IT IS ALL BORROWED.
    He cannot generate growth in the economy therefore there is never sufficient government revenue to run the affairs of state.

    His recent economic report refuses to mention the unemployment rate or the horrors St Lucians face every day from his cluelessness and mismanagement.
    His projections for GDP growth in 2015 go from abysmal to below average. A wide range that says nothing.

    Why does he not fire useless Ministers like Jimmy Fletcher who talks incessently about fraudalent climate change instead of coming up with ways to employ St Lucians and build back up our confidence?
    Fletcher is busy pandering to international orgs so as to have another job to go to when he is fired in the next elections and we all sit here listening to this garbage and applauding.

    What is the Min Of Foreign Affairs doing as he travels monthly running up 10s of thousands of dollars in per diem expenses that the govt has to borrow to pay him.

    What is Menissa Rambally doing in New York costing us $1 million annually? Dis she send any of her money to Dominica?

    Who is the Minister of Sports or Health? I never hear of anything that these govt depts accomplish!

    Unfortunately for Lucians we are stuck between a rock and a hard place with a grasping useless SLP and dysfunctional UWP that will probably lose the next elections.

  3. AND your “better” choice replacements are?
    Please loo-c-fur,
    not the prior set of white collar swindling con artistes from the flame out jack spaniard colored party?
    I would rather vote for “Fifty Cent, Slick Rick or P Diddy”-even Donald Trump..yikes!!!!!!!!

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