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Our Youth Being Unfairly Treated

The Editor:

It appears that the SLP administration in an effort to play politics has ignored and side-lined the youth of the nation. What is taking place at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is unforgiveable but is a true reflection of the discrimination of our youth.

This government remains heartless and clueless in their approach to education and by extension running the country. A ten million dollar reduction on all the unsustainable social programmes made payable to Sir Arthur Lewis College would automatically register a tenable situation for the college.

Having been blessed with the input of an individual like Sir Arthur Lewis towards our educational system, this administration permits the implementation of 15% VAT on the institution and makes no allowances to neutralise the bottom line. More importantly, the government allows the structures and furnishings to deteriorate to an extent where students have to be standing during class.

As if to drive home the point more forcefully, a fire took place at the College on Tuesday, the result, we are told of faulty electrical wiring.

What signal are we sending to our youth who are the leaders of tomorrow when the students are treated so unfairly? The demonstration mounted by the students is understandable but by the same token, how will St. Lucia be viewed by its neighbours when our primary learning institution has been reduced to such a depth.


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  1. Bad leadership at the college. Mr Dolor is a big part of the problem. The college infrastructure has deteriorated under his leadership.

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