New PROUD Phase Is Underway

More St. Lucians To own Property.

THE third phase of the Programme for the Regularisation of Unplanned Developments (PROUD) is set to get underway, with the conduct of survey works in five communities at a cost in excess of $2.5 million.

Started in the year 2000, PROUD is intended to give more Saint Lucians the opportunity to own their homes and the lands they occupy. The programme is operated under the auspices of the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal.

PROUD III will incorporate the communities of Rock Hall, Aux Lyon, Aux Piquant, Bruce Ville, Cantonement and Pomme Augier. The project will involve perimeter surveys, occupational and topographical surveys, production and submission of preliminary and final survey plans, and presentation of plans to the Ministry. Surveys in the first instance, will be conducted at a total cost of $2,572,530.09.

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has hailed the advent of PROUD III.

PROUD has enabled the development of infrastructure in several communities across the island over the past 15 years. The programme has also led to hundreds of Saint Lucians going from squatting on Government lands to becoming legitimate land owners.

Said Dr. Anthony: “Through PROUD, we are truly helping to build our communities. Government is often blamed for not ensuring that basic amenities are in place, but it is very often the case that this is so because the settlements in question were haphazard and unplanned. With this initiative, we have been able to regularize several squatter settlements, and put electricity, roads, recreational facilities, adequate drainage, and proper garbage collection in place.

“Just as importantly, we are giving over one thousand citizens the opportunity to own their land. We are knitting the fabric of the nation by empowering ordinary Saint Lucians, instilling greater pride and greater responsibility in our people. This government is transforming the lives of the poor and vulnerable, and taking real, tangible steps to address poverty. The very many successes of the PROUD project are there for all to see.”

A total of 1,038 households will be surveyed in the target areas under PROUD III. It is anticipated that an additional 650 new lots will be created for new housing.

La Ressource (Vieux Fort), Derriere Morme, Bruce Ville, Garrand, Des Barras, La Croix (Laborie), Ravine Poisson, Sarrot, Bexon, Pays Perdu and Piaye are among the areas that have benefitted from previous iterations of PROUD programmes.

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